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I suspect that the image that was published after yesterday’s Tuesday session was the natural size of the two parties to the negotiation .. Minister Sameh Shoukry appeared in the normal size, and it seemed to fill a large area of ​​the overall picture, compared to the image of the Ethiopian Foreign Minister .. Also, the features of Shukri were reflective A sense of victory, high morale … And certainly Trump’s presence was behind this situation!

First: Because Trump is not a man of long-term negotiations .. He may understand more in business .. Secondly, his reactions are not calculated, and thirdly, his emotions may be laughable, more than what helps him accomplish the task .. We have seen the minister, Sameh Shoukry, as he tries to He hides a broad smile that fills his face .. Certainly, the world public opinion is waiting for a result, more than a comic break, and Trump must be aware that he represents the greatest country, more than he represents Trump himself .. and does not mean that he presses Ethiopia, because the Nile River is a just cause!

So A, B acceptance of mediation in the case is its fairness .. And I believe that America did not welcome this speed to play the role of mediator, had it not known the result in advance .. the president is trying to collect points in any way before running for the presidential elections to put in his basket all possible lines, so that he can Who convinced the American voter of it .. The original, then, is the justice of the issue, not the pressure to get the job done. Also, the Egyptian position was wonderful all the time .. In addition to the good intentions, and the lack of escalation, maintaining good neighborliness and supporting peace!

Trump’s presence meant that he was putting all his capabilities at the disposal of Egypt .. And he meant that he had guaranteed a solution, in order not to thirst Egypt, and for the stability of the region.

Finally, there is one result that Egypt expects after four years of negotiations, and until the entry of an American mediator, and it is a fundamental solution to the crisis, considering that the Nile River is a just cause that cannot be lost all this time .. There are historical rights in the river, and the Ethiopian handover of it, and the question: What secrets This procrastination? .. and who is behind it?!

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