Justice is not oral Egyptian today


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When Dr. Mamdouh Al-Beltagy, may God have mercy on him, was a Minister of Tourism, I was accompanying him in a media delegation to visit “Minya”, she is “the bride of Upper Egypt”, which “Al-Beltagy” dreamed of being a kiss for tourists .. the place of the meeting was in “Misr Station” .. quietly not being scratched by a sense of threat and not “dispatched” by the convoy, “we were walking and talking to the minister – as is our custom – and the train started with us.

At that time, we did not imagine that the “bride of Upper Egypt” wrote on it “widowhood” and imposed on it the color of mourning, that its map obscures it – in a moment – the color of blood .. and that the “descendants of the Pharaohs” had infected them with “the contamination of extremism” .. and that religious blindness had spread to the point of assassination of Kassal Fraternity, magnanimity, and chivalry “is one of the conscience of” Al-Sa’ida “!

Since then, I have only written a lament behind lamentation, screaming and wailing, whenever the pen touches the letters of that lying city far away in the embrace of the Nile … anxious and tense, committing suicide from the balcony of strife to plunge into a river of blood !.

The Minya news came to us like a knife that cuts the arteries of “national unity” like this: The Copts of the village of “Al-Furn” did not obtain a “permit to pray”, so they decided to pray on the street, as if it were an arbitrary racist emirate! .. Closing the village of the “furnace” village to satisfy the militants who gathered against it Repeating abusive and inflammatory phrases in the presence of the security forces! … “Minya” became a title of sadness .. At the “Christmas Day” mass last year, while the President of the Republic was inaugurating the “Nativity of Christ” cathedral in the new administrative capital, the ISIS attacked a small place of prayer In the village of “Al-Za`farana” facility, he has owned the Archdiocese for a while and he lives for That village is about 1000 Copts .. The mob, whom we call the militants by mistake “because they are terrorists”, stormed the place on January 7, 2019, and hours after the Eid prayer services, until the police took them out … in the most heinous challenge to the state with its entire apparatus … as if they were displaying their power In the face of the political will she wanted one day for love, the church bells embraced the mosque’s call to prayer!

And every time there is a sectarian strife, (they spoil it in the form of skirmishes), behind it is a “rumor” either to convert a house into a church or an affair between a Christian and a Muslim or vice versa … but we never ask: Who makes the rumor? Everyone, without exception, who intentionally “thwart the state” and our brave soldiers dispersed between the war on terror in “Sinai” and the pursuit of terrorist cells lurking in houses that turned into weapons caches ?!

Here you could cry .. depressed .. refuse .. retire from life .. until the bloody scene came to “Souad Thabet” known as “Our Lady of Generosity” who was stripped from her clothes, the village of “Al-Karam” affiliated with the Abu Qurqas Center witnessed burning operations and attacks On a number of Coptic homes in the village, May 20, 2016, on the background of “common” publicity about an emotional relationship between a married housewife “at the time” and a married Coptic youth.

Were the words of President “Abdel Fattah El-Sisi” enough to erase the traces of the humiliation she was exposed to? Did she hurt her: (I hope that the Egyptian lady (not taking her minds), nor is it all the women of Egypt, make sure that we in Egypt have your appreciation and respect, and we do not accept Our cover reveals in any form and for any reason, no differentiation between the Egyptians and some of them, and the law will take its course, we will all be held accountable, and the mistake will be held accountable). In the name of all the women and men of Egypt, we ask the President to use his powers to arrest fleeing perpetrators … after the Criminal Court punished them with 10 years imprisonment. Justice is not verbal, the punishment must be imposed .. Perhaps “Souad Thabet” recovers her wounded dignity and raises her bowed head.

There is no longer a place for another stab in the heart. We have bled and burned dozens of times, and we prayed for peace and love. Perhaps the curse of extremism and terrorism has gone away from us. We entered the courts, “accused” of defending national unity, on the right of our Coptic brothers to pray safely “without intimidation or authorization” .. My heart could no longer bear the cry of a child, the distress of a “priest,” or tears or a bereaved, nor the sorrowful “lady of generosity” look .. I can no longer bear the vision of the homeland obscured or distorted … because the “upper hand” of the Takfir Party, and because the state is unable to dry up the sources of terrorism Which some study in “Al-Azhar” schools and universities!

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