“Kahraba Binnour” .. Al-Ahly missiles hit Al-Badawi’s children 5 times


The club team continued Al-Ahly The series “La defeat” in the league championship after he achieved the eleventh victory in a row by dropping Tanta by five clean during the match that gathered them this evening, Tuesday, in Cairo Stadium in the 13th round of the league and starred electrically in the meeting after he scored two goals and made a goal to confirm that it is a winning deal for Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly quintet scored Hussein Al-Shahat and electrification “two goals” and Ahmed Sheikh and Marwan Mohsen to raise Al-Ahly’s score to 33 points and maintains his impressive record locally by winning 11 games without a draw or defeat and the red giant secures the top of the league while Tantas balance stops at 10 points and continues in the sixteenth place .

Al-Ahly played the match with a formation consisting of: Mohamed El-Shennawy, Mahmoud Metwally, Rami Rabia, Yasser Ibrahim, Ali Maaloul, Amr El-Solia, Hussein El-Shahat, Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, Ahmed El-Sheikh, Mohamed Hani and Goynor Ajay.

first half

The start of the match came enthusiastic on the part of Al-Ahly, who pressed early in search of a goal in the first minutes and Ahmed Sheikh missed the opportunity to score a goal after he failed to exploit a dangerous opportunity for the red genie and Al-Ahmar continued his attack on the Tantawi team’s goal and this pressure resulted in a penalty kick for Tanta that Mahmoud Ashour computed to Ahmed Sheikh and scored Including Hussein Al-Shahat, the goal of progressing to Al-Ahly in the tenth minute. Although the Tanta goalkeeper saved the ball, Al-Shahat followed the ball and hit it in the net, achieving the first goal for Al-Ahly, and Al-Ahmar pressed again, and Ajay almost scored the second goal, but the defense of Al-Badawi’s sons saved the situation..

Al-Ahly imposed its control on the meeting thanks to the expertise of its players and the difference in technical capabilities, while the Ayman Al-Muzain battalion, the coach of Tanta, relied on the counterattack.

Despite the control of Al-Ahly over the course of the meeting and the arrival of his players to the goal of the Faraj, Tanta goalkeeper, especially in the last minute, in which Qafsha squandered the opportunity to score a second goal to end the first half with Al Ahmar advancing with a clean goal.

Second half

As the end of the first half came the beginning of the second half where the early attack by the red genie who pressed through Qafsha, Al Shahat, Ajay and Sheikh.

Mahmoud Metwalli was injured and stopped playing for a minute to treat the player before the latter completed the participation in the match after receiving the necessary treatment, and Mahmoud Kahraba participated in the 60th minute instead of Qafsha, after coming off in minutes. Kahraba scored a goal that Mahmoud Ashour canceled, the referee of the match, claiming that the ball was a direct free kick on Ajay, after touching his hand before reaching Kahraba and registering the goal that was canceled.

Al-Ahly continued to control the meeting and the midfield area, but the danger has virtually disappeared in the team’s goal, and Al-Ahly coach Fyler has made a forced change to the disembarkation of Ahmed Fathi instead of Mahmoud Metwally due to the latter’s injury.

Tantas defender saved a powerful ball, which was shot by Ahmed El-Sheikh, who was on the way to the Tantawi-nets. Al-Ahly continued to control the meeting, as the defense of the guests and their goalkeeper saved the situation.

The last minutes witnessed the continuation of the Al-Ahly pressure and Mahmoud Kahraba managed to score the second goal for Al-Ahly by Kahraba in the 80th minute after he took advantage of the “Derbka” Tanta defense to score the second goal and a minute later Ahmed El Sheikh scored a third goal for Al-Ahly and Marwan Mohsen participated in the 82nd minute instead of Ajay and Marwan Mohsen succeeded In scoring a fourth goal in the 89th minute of a wonderful pass from Kahraba before Kahraba added the fifth goal in the 91st minute, then the match ends with a clean five-point victory.


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