Khaled Okasha: Ankara is a big conspiracy in Libya, similar to what it did in Syria – Egypt


Brigadier Khaled Okasha, director of the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies, confirmed that the Libyan National Army is conducting a magnified operation to purify the remaining villages where terrorist militias are present, and is also trying through its own capabilities to monitor the borders to prevent the entry of Syrian mercenaries into Libya via Ankara, explaining that the counselor Aqila Saleh, Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, spoke that the Libyan army had detected many terrorist militias that had been transferred to Libya through Turkey.

Okasha added, during a telephone interview on the program “Every Day”, on the “on e” screen, that the process of progressing the Libyan army to the capital, Tripoli, is proceeding well and positively, and the Libyan parliament is carrying out a broad political process, and is preparing to attend the Berlin conference on the Libyan crisis He pointed out that Turkey has clear and visible ambitions for all countries in Libya, and that Ankara is trying to prepare a large conspiracy in Libya, similar to its conspiracy in Syria.

Khaled Okasha: Turkey wants to intervene in Tripoli to support the Brotherhood and kidnap Libya

The director of the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies emphasized that the national forces described any form of Turkish intervention in Tripoli as colonialism and this is a message for all countries that will be present at the Berlin conference to solve the Libyan crisis, as he mentioned that Turkey wants to intervene in Tripoli to support the Brotherhood and kidnap Libya, as it did In Syria and many countries, as the statement of the Libyan national forces against Turkish interference put points on the letters.

He pointed out that the Libyan national forces identified the Libyan crisis as a security represented in the presence of armed terrorist militias backed by Ankara, and that all international powers with a clear and straightforward political vision see that Turkey has developed a colonial scheme that has been implemented in more than one country, and is trying to transfer its ambitions And intensify its efforts to penetrate the Libyan territory.

He pointed out that Egypt is the guardian against which the Turkish ambitions were broken, and that a large group of countries issued statements confirming that the Turkish presence is only colonialism of Libya, and that it cannot be accepted as a mediator in the Libyan crisis, and that it is a country that wants to intervene militarily in what does not belong to it. , And in lands where it has no camels and camels, with the aim of supporting specific militias or people who serve their interests.

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