Khaled Youssef’s leaked video .. Khaled Youssef’s leaked video in full HD and the names of 15 artists and actresses who participated in Khaled Youssef’s films


Khaled Youssef’s leaked video continues to provoke controversy in the Egyptian street, after the arrest of three actresses, Mona Farouk, Shaima Al Hajj and Mona Al-Ghadhban, against the backdrop of their appearances in Khaled Youssef’s leaked video on social media platforms, and the Egyptian authorities are trying to limit the spread of Khaled Youssef the leaked video through Facebook and Twitter, Especially after the Egyptian courts took legal action against the people who appeared in the leaked clips.

Informed sources revealed the video list of director Khaled Youssef with Egyptian actresses, who played roles under his supervision.

The sources said that the list includes a large number of female actresses and artists, most notably “Soumaya Al-Khashab – Ghada Abdel Razek – Wafa Amer_ Dolly Shaheen – Houria Farghali_ Haifa Wehbe_Muna Al-Ghadhban – Businesswoman Mirhan Hussein _ Mena Shalabi _ Dora _ Hala Sidqi _ Hala Fakher _ Laila Alawi_ Shaima Al Haj_ Mona Farouq.”


The sources added that Khaled Youssef filmed a full video with Mona Al-Ghadhban and her colleagues whose names are mentioned above.

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