Kivanc Tatlitug loves Hazal Kaya and fights with Beren Sat!


Turkish journalist Omar Opram said that the Turkish star Kivanc Tatlitug has fought more than once with his colleague Perrin Sat during their filming of the series (Forbidden Love) ten years ago, which achieved tremendous public success in Turkey and the Arab East and still gets high follow-up rates whenever it is shown again.

It is reported that Perrin was scrutinizing the details of each scene and sometimes interfering and asking questions and proposing some amendments, what disturbed (Muhannad) who saw that she was interfering with what she did not care about and trying to cancel her colleagues and reduce their scenes, to appear only on the front alone.

Perrin used to deal with her colleagues formally during filming, according to Omar, who went on to write: (She was very professional, comes to the filming site, pays peace to her comrades, starts filming and then leaves, and if she opens a discussion with someone it is only about work).

He added: (Hazal Kaya, on the other hand, was the cheerful girl who sowed joy in everyone’s hearts, even Beren, who did not come close to anyone she loved and became her friend).

A follower explains the secret of the distinguished relationship between Kivanche and Hazal: (He loved Hazal a lot because she was spontaneous and laughed and was not very serious, except that he tended the character of Nihal that I played and loved and sympathized with and he always said: Nihal is my victim and Beitar (i.e. the character that Beren played)).

The hero (Forbidden Love) has not yet mourned the great superstar Rajab Aktu who played the role of (My Dream Onal), unlike Hazal and Perrin.

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