Kuwait raises maximum alert due to the American forces


The Kuwaiti security services raised the alert status to the maximum, after families of American military personnel in Kuwait received threatening messages via social media.A high-level security source at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior told the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa that the border security and coast guard sectors are on standby, and the state of alert has been raised to the maximum degree in line with the tensions and demonstrations witnessed by both Iraq and Iran.

The source added that raising the two levels of readiness comes in line with raising the readiness of most of the military authorities involved in preserving security, noting that what drives the raising of the degree of readiness is the occurrence of infiltrations in Kuwaiti lands.

He said that the instructions issued include conducting practical exercises to deal with any security breach, deployment, vigilance, and activation of the radar system.

The source revealed the existence of Kuwaiti-Iraqi and Kuwaiti-Iranian coordination to prevent attempts to infiltrate by land and sea, stressing at the same time that the proliferation of mechanisms and boats of the coast guard in the territorial waters would frustrate any attempts to succeed the mission of any infiltrators.

The source stressed the necessity of vigilance of all security services and coast guard and border security men in particular to protect the country from any attempts aimed at destabilizing security and breaching the borders.

The US Military Times website said that the 82nd Airborne Division, which is currently operating in Kuwait, has asked the families of its members to limit the access of foreigners to their posts on social media platforms, after some of them receive threatening messages in support of Iran.

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