Lack of sleep for one night may cause “Alzheimer’s”


“Lack of sleep for one night may have a dangerous effect on Alzheimer’s infection,” according to a recent medical study conducted by the Swedish University of Uppsala, whose results have been published in the journal “Neurology”.

And in the data I published The High Praxis Network German, the preliminary results of the study show that healthy men, if they cannot sleep properly in only one night, have a higher level of “tau” protein in the blood, compared to their counterparts who sleep for an entire night without interruption.

Tao protein?

According to the definition of the study, it is a protein in nerve cells, which can accumulate and form small blocks that appear in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease, and this accumulation can begin decades before the symptoms of the disease appear, according to what was published by the published website of the study.

The researchers at Uppsala University conducted a two-night, four-night study in healthy males in a hospital. In the first stage of the study, these were allowed to sleep normally and without interruption in the first two nights.

In the second stage, they also slept naturally on the first night, and the next night there was sleep deprivation, the lights remained lit and the participants were sitting in their beds playing different games, watching movies or eating parties.

The researchers discovered that sleep deprivation of people for one night increased the amount of Tau protein in the blood by 17 percent, while the rate of increase after a night of sleep naturally and sufficient amounted to only two percent.


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