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Government Entertainment Authority organized in SaudiOn Thursday evening, a loud party attended, singing alongside fireworks and dancing shows, in a loud bid farewell to the Riyadh entertainment season, the first of its kind in the Saudi capital.

The ceremony was held at the King Fahd International Stadium in the “Stadiums of Riyadh”, and was titled “Leila the Land of Imagination”, in reference to the Saudi girl Noura Al-Obaid, who performed at the ceremony with her pseudonym “Leila”, whose organizers say: It is a symbolic name for Saudi generations That lives a changing reality.

293 people from 41 nationalities, including Saudi Arabia, participated in composing the closing ceremony, and it was presented by 488 performers. It also produced music and video clips that were shown in a special and exclusive way to the final show of the season.

A large audience attended the closing ceremony, while more people watched it on local television, which carried it live, while videos and photos from the place enjoyed remarkable circulation on social media in the Kingdom.

The Riyadh season started on October 11th, including daily activities that include theatrical and cinematic performances, and concerts and musical concerts in which stars and international teams participated, in addition to exhibitions of plastic arts and other entertainment activities, including children.

Despite the announcement of the end of the season, which attracted millions of visitors from inside and outside the country, and witnessed the organization of the first celebration of New Year’s Eve in the history of Saudi Arabia, the “Boulevard” area in the capital will continue to witness artistic, entertainment and cultural activities until the end of next March.

The organizers of the Riyadh season say that he has achieved impressive results and figures at all levels, including financial revenues, expenses and the number of visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom.

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