Leak and camouflage .. Ahmed Shubert reveals a surprise about Al-Ahly’s negotiations with the new striker


Ahmed Shoubir, former vice president of the Football Association, revealed a surprise about a contract Alahli football club With a new foreign striker during the current winter transfer period.
Ahmed Shouber confirmed on his radio program this morning, Wednesday, that Amir Tawfiq, Director of Contracting B.Alahli football club, Traveled on a European trip to negotiate with more than one foreign attacker to include him Al Ahly Club This winter.Ahmed Schubert stressed that Amir Tawfiq was in Bulgaria to negotiate with JSKA striker Ali Sui, who was close to ending negotiations with him, but that the deal failed in the last few meters.

The former vice president of the federation indicated that the exaggerated demands of the Bulgarian team are the reason for the failure of the deal, as he demanded $ 5 million in order to dispense with Jambi Ali Sui.

He added: “Amir Tawfiq changed his destination to Austria to negotiate with one of the attackers, one of the teams in Austria, to include him Alahli football club.

Ahmed Schubert emphasized that it is a habit Alahli football club He leaked some names to disguise the media in order to negotiate with another player.


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