Learn about the advantages of the new subway application in 7 points


The Egyptian Company for Metro Management and Operation announced today, Tuesday, the launch of a new application that users of the facility “Metro” can use through “Mobile” mobile devices, specifically “Android” and “IOS” devices, which will be implemented within 15 days from its date.

1- The metro company’s new application includes ticket prices according to the number of stations, places to extract subscriptions, the method of extracting and using the smart card, and its own cash wallet, in terms of the number of remaining trips used by them.

2- The new application of the metro company works in the Arabic language under the name “Cairo Metro” and in the English language under the name, “Cairo metro ECM”.

3- The new application allows the passenger “currently” to know the nearest station to his location, charge his smart card, and extract the personal subscription, without the need to find a window or go to any station, and the passenger can submit complaints, suggestions and inquiries regarding delay and malfunctions, while adding all the services that may The passenger needs it or new ones, respectively.

4- The application includes the “My Trip” service, which provides the user with the flight plan by specifying the passenger station and the arrival station, while linking the application to Google Maps via the Internet.

5- The new application includes a detailed map of the Cairo metro network, which includes the three lines, the locations of the stations, the most important streets and landmarks near each station.

6- The new application introduces the violations that the passenger may fall into, and the fines that may apply if the passenger breaks the rules and violates the instructions and controls, with the aim of avoiding the passenger falling under penalty of violations and signing a fine for it.

7- The new application provides the passenger with access to services without the need to check the box office or subscriptions, through his personal phone.

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