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Speed ​​Test determined the global ranking of countries in terms of the speed of its ADSL high-speed terrestrial internet service during last December.

AndMentioned the site The UAE topped the list of Arab countries, in terms of speed Internet About 90.57 megabits, ranked 30 globally among 177 countries.
Qatar came in the 40th place with about 73.94 megabytes, followed by Kuwait in 44th place with 65.92 megabytes, and Saudi Arabia ranked 53rd with a speed of 52.93 megabytes.

Jordan ranked 55th by 50.43 megabytes, then Amman ranked 66th with 42.22 megabytes, followed by Bahrain in 95th place at 26.98 megabytes, followed by Egypt in 97th position at 26.52 megabytes.

Iraq ranked 107th by about 23.13mega, followed by Morocco in 122nd place, recording 18.52mega, then Mauritania in 123rd place, about 18.41mega, and Palestine ranked 127th by about 16.38mega, followed by Libya in the 148th position with a speed of 12.07mega.

Tunisia took 158th place by about 9.12 megabytes, then Lebanon came in 161st by about 8.10 megabytes, followed by Syria in 165th position with about 7.31 megabytes, and each of To whom Algeria is in 173rd and 174th with speeds of 4.39 and 3.92 Mbps, respectively.

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