Learn the details of the song Amr Diab, “He will live remember me.”


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Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2020 – 18:26

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        The artist Amr Diab announced his readiness to release a new lyrical album within days called "Sahran".<p>Amr Diab revealed through his accounts on social networking sites that the first song that will be released from the album is titled "He will live remember me" and Bermo released it.

FilFan.com learned that the new song is from Tamer Hussein’s lyrics, composed by Amr Mostafa and composed by Nader Hamdi.

The song says:
“I said what someone didn’t say
I did what I didn’t do
I am satisfied with his money
Hate will know the mistake of his life. “

And Amr Diab had posted a new photo through his Instagram account with the name “Sahran”, to reveal the name of the new album.

Commented on the photo, “Stay in the first one to hear the promo of the song (Hayes Yafakkterni), the first song from Amr Diab’s new album 2020 (Sahran), and wait for the full album on February 12, 2020 exclusively from Vodafone.”

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“Sahran” is a new album by Amr Diab

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