Legal shock to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle if they move to Canada


Faces Prince Harry And his wife, Megan Markle, is a new shock after planning to live in Canada, after stepping down from their royal roles, which is the passage of natural immigration process procedures that any other member of the British public passes, according to the newspaper “Washington Post” American.

Queen Elizabeth II holds many titles, including “Queen of Canada”, and Canadians see her face on coins, and the government says that the queen makes royal trips in Canada more than any other Commonwealth country, and with Harry and Meghan announcing their roles as royal and spending time in Canada Many question the minds of how to obtain material independence in a country that they have no right to live or work in..

Canadian Immigration Agency spokesperson Beatrice Fenone said: “For someone to be a lawful permanent resident of Canada, he must apply through the regular immigration process procedures.”“.

“However, members of the royal family are not required to seek this permit to remain in Canada as visitors,” she added, but she did not address whether Prince Harry and Megan would remain there as visitors indefinitely..

And as tourists traveling through the British passport (Harry) or the American passport (Megan), they can stay in Canada for up to 6 months after which they are expected to leave the country. Also, their presence without work permits will make it difficult for them to obtain an income from which they can live.

Most of the process is likely to fall on Megan, who may already have permanent residency after her 7 years in Toronto as an actress in the American series “Suits”.

If she does not enjoy this feature, she can qualify for permanent residence under the visa program for people with expertise in the artistic, sporting or cultural field, but if Megan succeeds in obtaining permanent residence in Canada, she can sponsor Harry under the “family reunification” program, If this attempt fails, she can add Harry as an independent individual on her visa form.

Another option for spouses is to apply through the Quick Entry Program for Skilled Workers, a system based on a points system that takes into account work experience, education, age and language.

Philip Lagassie, associate professor of international affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa, said that the decision to accept or reject the spouses ’request would be a political decision..

He pointed out that the Queen herself is not a Canadian citizen even though she has a special status, and she cannot grant citizenship to Harry and Megan, because she is still bound by Canadian law, which affirms that the discretionary authority belongs to the Minister of Immigration alone..

Based on their plans, Greewal said that they can choose to apply through the Canadian Immigration Business Program for those who want permanent residency and have business ideas, and have exceptional business ideas, as well as support them through the Venture Capital Support Fund for applicants..


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