Leonardo DiCaprio has a contract with the man … Amber Herd accepts her new girlfriend


Photographers’ lenses picked up new clips of the global actress Amber HeardAnd she accepts her new sweetheart, Bianca Poti, in front of the Palm Springs Hotel after they left together inside of it, yesterday morning, and before they moved to a new photo session for Ford Mustang.


The 33-year-old superstar appeared, accepting her new girlfriend, on the spot, after her previous relationship with international star Leonardo DiCaprio, and they separated in 2016.

This was not the first time for a movie star Aquaman, In which she has a sexual relationship with a girl, in 2010 she had a relationship with the famous photographer Tasia Van Rei, before entering into a relationship with the famous Oscar star Leonardo DiCaprio in 2011.

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The global star is always famous for her dual sexual relationship, she has many statements that confirm her sexual relationship with women and men.

Heard and DiCaprio fought many clashes and issues, their separation was not amicably, and the first moved to raise many cases against the Oscar star, and they have always argued and published many aggressive statements, the latest of which was the defamation suit filed by Depp against Heard.



Heard faces a 50 million dollar compensation case filed by her ex-husband, DiCaprio, against her, after defaming him and publishing an article in The Washington Post, in which she referred to the domestic violence she was exposed to during their marriage.

DiCaprio denied the accusations made against him by the 33-year-old, in the media, which he later described as having greatly affected his career and was a major reason in excluding him from embodying his famous character in a movie. Pirates of the Caribbean In addition to huge financial damage.


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