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The lesson confirmed by time is that confiscation, blocking, and denunciation have never achieved a final victory, earning, perhaps in points, the first round, and then inevitably being defeated in the second, by a knockout.

This voice, which is rejected, reserved, and always motivated, and in all covenants finds listening ears, as it issues the weapon of virtue and morality to us, and immediately the majority sided with it. Thus, for example, we recently saw decisions to ban the songs of festivals, and the songs of “hearts with hearts” and (Salmonella) were joined, although The confiscation became in the dictionary a past tense (Nusseibeh is supposed to be in the state according to the opinion of Laila Murad), and history confirms that, they confiscated in the early seventies Ahmed Adawiya from the Egyptian radio, but it spread fiercely on the cassette tapes and found the cinema in his songs a trump card, and turned into an amulet of fortune for the producers In those years he was the crowned king The throne of popular song.

Politically, the state closed all doors to Ahmed Fouad Negm and Sheikh Imam, while the cassette tape starred in the spread of the duo (Najm and Imam) Egyptian and Arab.

Al-Azhar Al-Sharif prohibited the circulation of the movie (Al-Risala) in the seventies, on the pretext of the presence of the character of Hamza bin Abdul-Muttalib and also the camel of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). He did not show cinematic or television and with the spread of (video cassette) became in all homes, then Al-Azhar permitted and simply displayed it televised Former media chief, Susan Hassan, the late Imam Al-Akbar. Mr. Tantawi asking permission from him, Sheikh Jalil asked her, Did you find anything in the film that hurt your Islam? She answered him in the negative, so he agreed to the offer, to wonder why he had been banned for all these years? And nobody dared 20 years to contact Al-Azhar to break the ban.

Light songs such as (Ya Insulators for Pepperoa) by Farid Al Atrash, written by Abu Al-Saud Al-Abyari, they said that they are not appropriate, insulators and peppers, then a man sang it, they confiscated the song from the Egyptian Radio, after two years it became one of the most popular songs broadcast by the official wave of the state, Shadia sings With the words of Hussein Al-Sayyid and composed by Riyad Al-Sunbati (I love the confusion), the confiscation gland is active again because the confusion may mean gossip, and it is also used as a cover for obscene words, the prohibition did not exceed a few months after which the voices of the confusion rose.

One of the media ministers in the seventies made a decision, as soon as he sat on the chair, to ban the morning song (B Fatha Ba .. I love you) in which he found a pornographic indecency, and after leaving his position was the first decision of the new minister to return the song to circulation.

Follow how Naguib Mahfouz, when he was director of censorship, confronted his employees, with the song Sabah also (from the magic of your eyes Yah) written by Mamoun El Shennawi and composed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab, the censor rejected her on the pretext of performing Sabah for the word (ohaaaaaaaa), because it is too long, and that it is softness And Dalal Sabah raised his ire, Naguib Mahfouz asked the director of the film, Hassan Al-Imam, to re-record and shorten something from (Yah), and the song was allowed to circulate in the movie (Temptation), then Sabah repeated it at one of the (City Lights) concerts, and she returned (Yaaaaaah) to her first case and since Then the radio will present it as desired by Sabah.

It seems that the multiple councils monitoring the media are dissipating their energy, and as Hosni Mubarak said (let them have fun), we were convicted of watching !!


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