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The security services in the governorates of Cairo and Giza revealed a mystery of two murders, which reveal that they were caused by emotional relations between their two parties, as a woman got rid of her boyfriend with 30 stab wounds in Giza for refusing to scan videos that violated her, and a Cairo worker killed a woman in the Sayyidah Zainab region because of an emotional relationship between them. The defendants were arrested and the prosecution took over the investigation.

In Giza, the security services received a notification from a teacher, 57, of his discovery of the death of his uncle “driver”, 67 years old, inside his apartment and his body, stabbed and stabbed wounds, as he discovered his phone was stolen, and a research team supervised by Major General Aladdin Salim, Director of Public Security, was identified and identified. The perpetrator of the incident, who turned out to be a housewife, 19 years old, resides in the property facing the victim’s apartment and was caught and found to have scratches on the top of the left eyebrow and her right hand, and she admitted that she had committed the motive to get rid of the victim because of the relationship between them a year ago and discovered that he had taken unknowing videos to her without her knowledge.

Yesterday, the Giza Southern Prosecution Office ordered the accused to be imprisoned for 4 days pending investigations, accusing her of killing her lover by paying 30 stab wounds throughout the body, inside his residence in the Giza region. The accused in the investigations said that the victim threatened her with exposing her and blackmailing her with videos and videotapes disturbing them.

She added – during the investigations conducted under the chairmanship of Samer Abu Al-Azm – that she was determined to get rid of the victim, after threatening her to refuse to end the relationship between them, after she got engaged to another young man.

The accused girl added that she went to the victim’s house and hidden a knife between the folds of her clothes, and insisted, “I want to see your phone, photos and videos.” In an attempt to delete these video clips, but he refused to give her the phone, so I took out the knife and paid him successive stab wounds: “I was a boob in it .. and avenged him », noting that after the incident she went to the Nile beach, threw the phone and the crime tool in the water, and after that the police arrested her.

The accused indicated that an emotional relationship had arisen between her and the victim, and that she went to the latter’s house more than once, but that the relationship between them did not develop for a full sexual relationship, but the victim threatened her with the photos and clips he collected in disturbing situations, and the prosecution ended up Its advanced decision, and ordered the victim’s body to be examined by forensic experts, and autopsy to determine the cause of death.

In Cairo, the police managed to arrest a worker accused of killing a housewife, which revealed that investigations revealed that they had an illegal relationship that was behind the incident, and the accused was arrested and discussed the incident because of a dispute that occurred between him and the victim in the last meeting, where he was placed inside a bed sheet after killing her and threw her in Side Street. The accused was referred to the prosecutor, who started the investigation.

Al-Sayeda Zainab Police Department received a notification from the people of finding a body of a woman in the third decade of age, wrapped in a bed sheet and lying on a street with traces of beatings, torture and bruises in separate areas of the body and face, and there are no traces of stabs, and the cameras in the vicinity of finding The corpse, to uncover the circumstances of the incident, and the prosecution commissioned the detectives to investigate the incident.

Investigations indicated that the body of a housewife in an emotional relationship with a young man, and was hesitating on him in his apartment, and that behind the incident, he was caught and confessed to committing the incident due to a quarrel between them at the last meeting, so he beat her, and when she uttered her breath, he got rid of the body by dumping her in a street.

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