Libyan army sends new reinforcements .. The truce is “suspended”


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

After the Libyan National Army commander, Major General Khalifa Hifter, informed the Russian side of a number of conditions in order to preserve Tripoli TruceOn Wednesday, the Libyan army pushed new military reinforcements described as “big” to the fighting axes in the capital, Tripoli, and the city of Sirte, despite the cessation of military operations, in implementation of the general command of the army, calling on their forces to cease fire.

A video clip published by the pages of the General Command of the Army on social media sites showed dozens of military vehicles loaded with heavy weapons, on their way to the fighting axes in the western region to take their positions, at a time when the military units stationed in the fighting axes confirmed their readiness, to continue their operations until the liberation of the capital Tripoli And achieve victory.

A military source told Al that the military operations rooms in the western region are still awaiting instructions from the General Command of the army, adding, “We do not know yet where things will go, if the truce will be stopped and the military operations will resume after the collapse of negotiations on them in Moscow.” , Or outputs will be waiting Berlin Conference And whether or not to respond and interact with the demands of the army, “indicating that” until a decision is taken in this regard, the army forces will continue in the fighting axes to confront and repel any breach of the ceasefire by the armed militias. ”

And on the next Sunday, the two parties to the Libyan conflict will meet with the actors in the Libyan crisis at the same dialogue table at the “Berlin” conference, through which Germany hopes to reach an agreement to stop the combat operations in Libya permanently, and push the return of the political process for stability and peace.

Time limit

Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath sources reported yesterday evening that the Libyan National Army commander, Major General Khalifa Hifter, informed the Russian side of a number of conditions in order to maintain the Tripoli Armistice, including a time limit of 45 days to 90 days for armed militias to fully hand over weapons.

He also demanded that there be a committee of the Libyan National Army besides the United Nations responsible for inventorying and delivering weapons, provided that this work be entirely under the Libyan armed forces.

To that, Haftar informed the Russian side again of his refusal to be an international mediator, considering that the mediating countries are neutral countries, which adhere to support Libyas stability, and not support armed militias or send extremists.

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