Like movies … pictures of lightning columns permeating the fumes of a tall volcano in Vietnam … pictures


A volcano exploded near the Philippine capital, Manila. Burning red lava fountains flowed about half a mile toward the sky, resulting in a mysterious phenomenon.In a scene like movies, columns of lightning appeared through the smoke coming from the huge volcano “Tal”, which is a mysterious phenomenon. Lightning is known to be in the sky, but in its appearance in the smoke that made it look like action movies.

Tale Volcano is 37 miles south of the capital, Manila, and has continued to shake constantly today, raising fears of a larger and more dangerous eruption, according to the Metro newspaper.

Scientists suggest that the reason for the phenomenon of lightning-permeable columns of tall volcano smoke is that the volcanic ash particles carry some electrical charges, and when they reach the place of the violating charges, an electrical discharge occurs to equal that charge.

The Philippine authorities have ordered the evacuation of nearly a million people near the capital, as tens of thousands of people have fled the dark and heavy ash-covered villages.


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