“Little Women” … an icon that inspired 18 artworks in a century


Mohamed Salah

When American writer Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) published her novel “Young Women” in 1868, to recite a semi-autobiography that gathered her three sisters in the climate of poverty and civil war, it did not occur to her that she presented an immortal literary icon that inspired the arts in all their musical, theatrical, television and cinematic forms when Over a hundred years.

Since being shown on Broadway in 1912, she has been cited more than 18 times artistically, starting with two silent films in 1917 and 1918, then several radio and television series between the 1950s and 1970s, Japanese “anime” movies in the 1980s, and the Houston Grand Opera in 1998.

In addition to Katharine Hepburn in 1933, Elizabeth Taylor in 1949, Oscar-winning, and Gillian Armstrong in 1994, which was nominated for three Oscars, leading to the latest cinematic treatments of the story in the movie that sweeped the box office at birthdays in 2019, and was nominated for several Awards starring Merrill Strip and directed by Greta Geroge.

Catherine Hepburn.. “AtmosphereMood
In this American version of the wizards of “Little Women”, which won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, actress Katharine Hepburn, with a cheerful and chilling temperament, presented the greatest performance of an unconvincing “Joe” character, outperforming other rendition performances in a sterile and sensitive form.

We see “Joe” struggling in the absence of her father independently and courageously, and aspiring to become a professional writer, without romance or marriage, despite her relationship with her wealthy neighbor, “Lori”, she did not marry him, and she only maintained a permanent friendship with him, while her sisters eventually married.

George Cukur – who directed this movie in 1933 – also succeeded in presenting a whole family of positive female characters who do not occupy the stories of their relationships with men the largest part of their lives, as much as their choices and moral experiences occupy them, as a solidarity women’s society based on friendship, brotherhood, sacrifice, obedience and hard work. Restraint and self-denial, by focusing on portraying the harsh pragmatism of the civil war, and dedicating the values ​​gained from girls ’victories and facing adversity.

Elizabeth Taylor.. AmyCalumny
In this 1949 American movie, which won an Oscar for best decor and colors, director “Mervyn Leroy” combined visual elegance, light comedy, and emotional appeal with a Victorian touch.

Among the Marsh sisters, Janet Lee played the unfortunate eldest daughter “Meg”, Jane Allison played the following daughter “Joe” the ambitious and lively writer, and Margaret O’Brien played the younger “Beth” the shy pianist.

The movie stars Elizabeth Taylor in a beautiful and creative performance of “Amy,” the spoofing, spoofing, spoiled, careless of poverty, dreaming of material wealth and social prestige, which was conquered by the wealthy young neighbor “Laurie” (Peter Lovford) after her sister Joe hesitated in marrying him.

The comparison between Jane Allison’s role as “Joe” and that of Katharine Hepburn 15 years earlier, in favor of the latter, was unanimous in favor of critics.

Start Quotations Feminism
Australian director Gillian Armstrong was the first to introduce a feminist treatment of the novel “Young Women” in 1994, in an American movie nominated for three Oscars, co-starring Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Claire Danes, Christine Dunst, and English Christian Bell.

Although Armstrong films do not explicitly carry the ideas of feminist movements, they always defend women’s rights and make their heroines self-supporting women toil for work.

In this film Armstrong presented the sisters: The Beautiful “Meg”, “Joe” The Storm, “Beth” Giving, “Romantic” Amy, while they are struggling naturally warm, with the help of performing the romantic plays written by “Joe” as a way to escape from their problems, under the supervision Strong-willed mother.

Thanks to this group of talented actresses, Armstrong has presented a surprisingly sharp, smart and surprisingly fresh vision, to demonstrate that the immortal story can succeed no matter how often it is addressed.

Greta Gerog.. creativity the last one
Young American director interested in women’s issues, Greta Geroge, in her second experience after the movie “Lady Bird” that nominated her for three major awards, she managed brilliantly in 2019 to present a film that depicts a different picture of the story, focused on the youth stage, through the three sisters who left the family home And helms the juvenile leadership to Aunt Josephine Marsh by giving her role more space.

Geroge also added to the film a contemporary touch by moving away from the moral aspect and highlighting the fundamental issues related to feminism, creativity, independence and individuality, which showed the heroines of the story, women each with their own distinct personality.

The atmosphere is completely bright, but volatile and riotous, and its reactions are sharp and fast, like lightningAmy, the elegant painter who directed the director to redraw her character to make her different from previous cinematographic treatments, is more sympathetic and has transformed from an immature child into a thoughtful woman with an evolving thought, Meg’s wife and mother, and Beth, the quiet, sick pianist, to Beside the rich and arrogant aunt, Marsh, who performed the aesthetic of Meryl Streep.


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