Magda Al-Sabahi defended the Prophet and the rightly guided caliphs in 4 religious films


She left The great artist Magda Al-Sabahi yesterday afternoon at the age of 89It is the news that saddened many of her fans, as she is the artist who presented multiple roles for women between the adolescent girl and the poor simple girl, but she also presented in the Egyptian cinema some religious films, whether as acting or production, and was classified within the list of the most important 100 films in the history of cinema , Which we monitor with this report

The victory of Islam
The victory of Islam

The film “Victory of Islam” in 1952

The artist Magda El Sobhy presented it through the movie “Victory of Islam” in 1952, and co-starred with Mohsen Sarhan, Farid Shawky and Hend Rostom. The script and direction was directed by Ahmed El Toukhy and the dialogue by Imam Saftawi.

The film “Victory of Islam” revolves around a young man who converted to Islam and kept calling his friends to him, and this young man married a girl who was captured by a friend who refused to enter Islam, and the girl embraced with the young Muslim the new religion, and this was monitored for life in Mecca before the Prophet Muhammad was invited to enter in Islam in the darkness of ignorance.

Bilal muezzin the Messenger

Bilal muezzin the Messenger

Film Bilal muezzin the Messenger in 1953

After only one year passed, Magda Al-Sabahi decided to participate through the movie “Bilal Muezzin Al-Rasoul” and co-starred with the artist Yahya Shaheen, the artist Hassan Al-Baroudi, the artist Adly Kasib, and the artist Aziza Helmy, which was written by Fouad Al-Toukhi and directed by Ahmed Al-Toukhi.

The movie “Bilal Muezzin of the Messenger” is one of the most important religious films, whose story revolves around the servant Bilal who used to work for a disbeliever merchant, but he met the Messenger, where he preached the worship of God alone and helped him to be one of the Muslims who entered with him in the new religion that appeared in that period on Arabia, criticizing several unbelievers who saw him as a departure from the religion of their fathers and grandfathers.

Migration of the Prophet

Migration of the Prophet

1964, the Prophet’s migration film

Magda was not satisfied with the championship only, but this time, she decided to participate in the production besides acting, and she entered a partner from the production side through the movie “The Messenger’s Migration”, which was co-starred with her husband, the artist Ihab Nafi, Hoda Issa and Mohamed Abaza, Samiha Tawfiq, Hassan Al-Baroudi And others, which is written by Fouad Shafei, and directed by Ibrahim Emara.

The story of the film in the period before the invitation of the Prophet Muhammad, is about the dancer “Sarah”, which is earned from the money of pagan pilgrims, the slave “Faris”, and the nation “Habiba”, who are subjected to harsh treatment by their masters, before the call to Islam begins and Fares and Habiba decide to defend the Prophet And invited him.

From the greats of Islam
From the greats of Islam

Film from the greats of Islam in 1970

Magda Al Sabahi’s great love for targeted films that contain a message and good content, she decided to produce a religious movie entitled “From the Greatest of Islam” and did not participate during the representation forever, which is starring Nadia Rashad, Islam Fares, Kanaan Wasfi, Mervat Ashour, Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh, Anwar Ismail, Hassan Abdeen, Ahmed Abaza, Mohie Ismail, Mohie El Din Abdel Mohsen, Hafez Amin, and it was written by Dhafer Al-Sabouni and directed by Niazi Mustafa.

The story of “From the Greats of Islam” revolves around the lives of the four adult caliphs, namely, “Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, Omar bin Al-Khattab, Othman bin Affan and Ali bin Abi Talib,” and how these personalities influenced society and the history of Islam at that time.


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