Magda Al-Sabahi .. Engaged by Saeed Abu Bakr, famous for Shayboub, and her real name is Afaf


The great artist Magda Al-Sabahi left today after a long artistic journey in which she contributed to the Egyptian cinema industry, after she starred in many important films in addition to producing a group of the most prominent art films, but what many do not do about the late star that her real name is not Magda.

In addition, Magda Al-Sabahi, who participated in many stars such as Rushdie Abaza and Omar Sharif in the cinema tournaments, was associated in the beginning of her life with an artist famous in the minds of the public as Chiboub, as we will reveal during the following lines.

1 / The real name of Magda El Sabahy

Magda Al-Sabahi, born in 1931, whose real name is Afaf Ali Kamel Ahmed Abdel-Rahman Al-SabahiAnd she started acting at a young age, especially at the age of 15, after the director Seif Al-Din Shawkat offered her to participate in a movie starring called “The Adviser”, which secretly portrayed her away from the eyes of her family and after that she continued her cinematic works that exceeded 60 films.

2 / The story of Majda Al-Sabahi’s engagement to Saeed Abu Bakr, the famous Shayboub

The late star Magda Al-Sabahi surprised her audience and the entire artistic community, when she was associated with the artist Saeed Abu Bakr, who was famous for the role of Shayboub during “Antar Ibn Shaddad”, and who did not expect the couple to be linked, as the engagement ceremony was held on a small scale in the presence of family and some friends only, and one of the art magazines was published At that time, a picture of them in a humble ceremony, during which Abu Bakr appeared, placing the engagement ring on the finger of his fiancee Magda, but later separated, breaking the engagement.

Magda Al-Sabahi and Saeed Abu Bakr 1
Magda Al-Sabahi and Saeed Abu Bakr
Magda Al-Sabahi and Shayboub
Magda Al-Sabahi and Shayboub


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