Magda Al-Sabahi in a rare encounter: Mabbash, I live alone … and a special appearance for her father and daughter Video


“Habash I live alone and I did not live alone” In these words, the late artist Magda Al-Sabahi spoke about her life in a rare television interview broadcast on the Maspero screen she had with the artist Mervat Amin, where she confirmed in her meeting that she could not live alone since her childhood.

Al-Sabahi added in her interview that when she got married, her home was Amer with the family, and that when she divorced she sat at home with her father, brother, and daughter, Ghada, who also appeared in the meeting during childhood while receiving an English lesson and also provided a song in German.The late woman also spoke about the difference between the working woman and the housewife, stressing that she does not have much time, but at the same time she is trying to be a “six house” according to her description during the time she stayed at her house, and her father caressed her, interrupting her conversation saying: “not so much”.

In his response to Mervat Amin’s question whether he was watching her films or not, the father replied, “Of course, yes, I hope I am not her father,” declaring his satisfaction with all of her work.

Cairo Cinema: Mervat Amin meets Magda and her child, Ghada Nafi


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