Magda Al-Sabahi: The departure of the Egyptian artist after a long absence from the spotlight


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Egyptian artist Magda El-Sabahi died today, Thursday, at the age of 89, after a long absence from the cinema and lights.

Magda started her artistic life at a young age, but her real start was in the eighteenth year in the movie Al-Nasih with Ismail Yassin in 1949.

She was born in Tanta in Gharbia Governorate, north of Cairo in 1931.

Magda married the Egyptian artist, pilot, and intelligence officer Ihab Nafie in 1963, and they gave birth to their daughter, Ghada, and their marriage was strange and their divorce was more strange, as the divorce took place quietly in a dance party in Lebanon. Magda never got married again.

Among the most famous films that were influenced by Magda are the Egyptian and Arab Cinema Library: Miss Hanafi, the girls of today, the age of a moment, the stranger, the intense, the teenage girls, the nose and the three eyes, and the salesman of newspapers and other films that exceeded the number of sixty films.

Magda has starred a number of major fictional characters such as Naguib Mahfouz in the movie “The Mirage”, Ihsan Abdel Quddus in the movie “Nose and Three Eyes”, and Fathi Ghanem in the movie “The Man Who Lost His Mind,” as well as her portrayal of the Arabic version of Emily Bronte’s novel The most famous “Wuthering Heights” in the strange movie, in front of Yahya Shaheen.

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Magda is also famous for her movie “Jamila” by international director Youssef Chahine, a film that tells the story of the struggle of Algerian struggler Jamila Bouhired.

Among the most prominent religious works presented by Magda is the movie “The Messenger’s Migration”.

Her last movie, “I Forget Me Being a Woman”, was written on the story of the writer Ihsan Abdel Quddus in 1994 and then retired from acting.

Magda went through a single directing experience through the movie “Whoever Loves”.

Magda represented Egypt in a number of international and regional festivals, participated in arbitration committees and won numerous awards, including the Nile Award in the field of arts.

In recent years, Magda underwent an operation, which later appeared in pictures in a wheelchair.


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