Magdas Chancellor: Changing the funeral site from Al-Hosari Mosque to Mustafa Mahmoud – art and culture


The family of the great artist, Magda Al-Sabahi, decided to change the funeral venue for tomorrow Al-Hosary Mosque In the city of October 6, to the mosque of Mostafa Mahmoud, engineers, according to what the artist Ghada Nafi, the daughter of the artist, and Mustafa Tolba, the lawyer and legal advisor of the late, confirmed in her statement to “Al-Watan”.

And the big artist died Magda Al-SabahiToday, Thursday, at the age of 88, after a long illness.

The legal advisor said that the death was due to the health problems she had suffered in recent years, and that she passed away today at 1:00 p.m. Thursday.

Students added that the family decided to postpone the funeral of the funeral tomorrow after Friday prayers from the Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque, to allow the family members living abroad in Austria and Hungary, especially her sister Aidas son, to return, and participate in the funeral procession.

The legal advisor pointed out that the death of the late artist came suddenly as her health condition improved yesterday, and she spent her time in her home in Dokki naturally, in the presence of her daughter, Ghada Nafi, pointing out that the late artist will be buried in the family graves in the October 6 tombs by the oases.

He explained that the family has not yet settled on the date of the condolence pavement, and is awaiting the opinion of family members to determine the day and place.


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