Magdi Abdel-Ghani announces running the next Football Association elections


Advertise Magdy Abdel-Ghani A former member of the Board of Directors of the Football Association, from his running in the upcoming mountainous elections scheduled for next September, stressing that he welcomes the application of the 8-year clause, as it has already been applied to him, and he moved away from an electoral cycle and then ran again.

Abdul-Ghani said in televised statements, “I have the intention to run as a candidate, my life is football, and my presence within the Football Association is a complement to my position in the presidency of the Professional Players Association.”

A former board member of the Football Association confirmed that he is ready to go to Mohamed Salah, the star of the Egyptian team and Liverpool, to know his requests from the Football Association and transfer them to the officials of the mountain.

“My relationship with Mohamed Salah is very strong, and I know that his requests are not exaggerated because he is modest and loves his country, and he gave Egypt a lot,” Abdel-Ghani said.

The five-year committee decided that the number of the new council would be 9, including two women, to vote on this proposal in the ordinary general assembly to amend the list, and Sarah Salimon, FIFA official, agreed to continue the 8-year clause in the list, which prevents any member From running more than two consecutive sessions in Al-Jabalayya .. Discussions took place between the FIFA official and the Five-Year Committee of the Football Association over the past days. Five-pointed Item down the 8-year hold on, and it will be presented to the General Assembly of Jblaah at the next meeting for a vote.

The five-year committee of the Football Association has decided to invite an ordinary general assembly during the coming period to discuss the proposed violations on the statute list, as it is one of the most important files that have been assigned to the five-year committee after its appointment by the FIFA, and the Football Association has sent letters to The clubs of the first, second, third and fourth departments regarding sending their proposals before the new statute list is drawn up for study by the committee in charge of FIFA to manage the affairs of the union before its approval, and the letter indicated that reviewing the statute of the union’s statute is among the actions that M assigned to the Committee by the International Federation to ensure its compliance with FIFA regulations.


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