Majdi Yaqoub: Sadness breaks “hearts” … vanity leads to failure (dialogue)


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Egypt returned your sun to the gold .. a whole I addressed to Professor Magdy Yaacoub, the surgeon of the global heart, inquiring about the area of ​​its realization now on the ground in the field of medicine after the successes of his center in Aswan, he answered me: Yes, the light of the ancient Egyptian civilization will return, and I have no doubt about that, and here we are now We touch the dream with our hands.

A calm smile with a deep friendliness that drew upon his features, encouraged me to approach the “walk”, which allowed me to sit with him for two hours as if with my older brother, he did not answer a question in my dialogue with him, other than his desire not to talk about himself. He says about himself, “I am a simple and ordinary person.” Those who know him characterize him as a noble .. And in his workplace they consider him a compelling symbol of the impossible, he does not care about his health, despite his deep back pain he works daily 14 hours devoted to taming the miserable hearts away and returning them to their owners intact, especially the children who talk about them all as if they were his sons, stressing that in In connection with the establishment of another international center in the city of 6th of October to accommodate the cases that increased to Aswan Hospital, pointing out that what disturbed him at the beginning of his work in this center 12 years ago is the attempts to rebel against the regime. Sir Magdy told me that sadness and fear are the most harmful thing to hearts, and we talk about the latest thing in the field of these delicate surgeries, as he emphasized that genetics is providing amazing surprises and that the biggest surprise can be from Egypt, which is the gift of Cairo to the world .. With the humility of scholars, the man opened for us His heart revealed his wishes for his country and country .. And to the text of the dialogue:

Al-Masry Al-Youm is interviewing Dr. Magdi Yaqoub

■ At first we want to check on your health?

Praise be to God, my health improved better, but I do not conceal the pain that is still present in the area of ​​the back, and I performed more than one accurate spinal surgery.

■ How many hours do you stand in the operations and how long are you in the hospital daily?

– I stand between 5 and 7 hours every day inside the operating room, and this rate is lower than before, because I have been standing twice that before, and I work 12 to 15 hours a day, but thank God, I feel something comfortable, and everything that comes from God Good.

■ Are there doctors that you can count on to take a break in order to recover?

The truth is that at Aswan Cardiac Surgery Center, we have doctors who are very skilled, efficient, and reliable. Indeed, they do their work more than I expected, but I am used to doing the work myself as long as it is available and able to do so.

Academies and universities of the world have returned to send doctors and nurses for training in Aswan

■ You mentioned to me that we have skilled doctors in the Aswan Center, does that mean that the Egyptian can outperform any other nationality when conditions are available to him?

This is a very wrong saying, unfortunately, I hear it a lot and I am not satisfied with it, because it means vanity that fills the souls of some people, and it is destructive and inevitably leads to catastrophic failure, so we must not say that any Egyptian can outperform the foreigner if he has the opportunity or any researcher from here He goes out to America becomes like the late scientist Ahmed Zewail, the matter is not so at all, because success is preceded by a long way of fatigue, effort, experience, will, challenge and knowledge, and a person cannot reach a world-class position without struggle and perseverance, so Zewail tasted fatigue and exhaustion for what he reached, As for the utterance of its release, it is vanity itself, and I advise those who wish to The success of the scientific act with humility is the road to progress and excellence.

■ How did you arrive at the Magdy Yacoub Center in Aswan to the world?

– Every success does not come down the drain, as it does not come with one hand, but excellence is achieved by standing on well-known tools and principles that we have taken with them and we agreed from the first moment to work in Aswan I and all colleagues do not violate those principles that I mention to you, including hard work, commitment and survival of the competencies only, Also, there is no place between us for favoritism and courtesy, respecting laws and respecting the patient to the utmost respect, relying on science and scientific research as a basic pillar in treatment, and at the same time, everyone should take his right without a decrease, whether in material or moral terms, and almost all of these matters were the basis of our work, There is no room for mukhal It opposers Tha has no place among us.

Al-Masry Al-Youm is interviewing Dr. Magdi Yaqoub

Why did you choose Aswan to be the global center of the heart?

– For more than one reason, the fact that these areas do not find adequate services for patients in the heart and upper reaches in urgent need of such a hospital, in addition to being a health and tourist place.

In terms of medical staff, are Egyptians or foreigners?

– The medical staff, including doctors and nurses, had the greatest interest in the beginning, because the human component is the basis of the success of any work, and without the distinguished human component you will never reach any successes, which is an uncontrollable principle, and therefore we started with the children before the opening with intensive training and lectures, And the matter lasted for a short time, as the doctors underwent a modern training program, and also the nursing staff had a great share of care, since they represent a very important profession, and the truth is our nursing level has been very low in the past, and I do not conceal from you we sought nursing from abroad at the beginning of America, England and Germany, for We believe that nursing is an essential element in recovery, and our use of foreigners was limited only to give the Egyptians some of the technical things that they were able to acquire in a short period. I remember that the beginning was ten doctors and their weakness was almost nursing, and now I can tell you that we have a medical staff at the highest level and work With great competence, they are all Egyptians, we are proud of, and there are external desires for training here.

■ Why did the level of nursing decrease in Egypt?

– What happened in Egypt decades ago is that the level of nursing is “in the descending”, and this is a very dangerous matter, because the nursing profession is a noble profession because it sticks to the patient and is based on his care and service and provides him with medicine, food and full support, a great work, but unfortunately the nurses were treated in a way “They were very brutal”, so they did not take their financial rights, and their salaries became meager and not enough to meet the requirements of life, as well as we neglected the nurses from the moral side and they became in a place not their place, and we forgot their sensitive role in hospitals and medical centers, and therefore we paid attention at the beginning of our implementation of the Aswan Heart Center project, that our preparation should be in our priorities Nursing team on The highest efficiency and of course we took care of preparing them psychologically and morally while providing a financial return appropriate to their needs, and we told them that their responsibility is huge and that they are a broad pillar in medicine, and now their opinion is taken by doctors in very accurate matters, what we call the change of culture that led to broad positive results, and more than That we sent them abroad to learn and gain more skills, and we brought them foreign thought to their lecture until we got them to a level that exceeds international levels, and they took their rights, and everyone understood their vital role in the treatment stages.

Genetics is the newest thing in heart surgery … and we are working on an innovation that solves complex health problems

■ Tell us about the desires of universities and international centers in training?

There are a number of German hospitals that sent us doctors and nurses to train them here, where they wrote to us the phrase “We know that your levels are very high, and we look forward to training a number of doctors and nurses with you.” A German university professor also asked me to accept his daughter’s training in the intensive care in Aswan, and of course We accepted it, and she came to the training, and she told me with the letter: “I see a feeling among nurses and patients is very better than the situation in Germany.” There is also cooperation in scientific research between us and Harvard University, and there are scientific research that we conduct in the center in Aswan and they are published in the largest scientific journals in The world, and we receive constant calls forever Lectures at conferences and international centers, and desires are not interrupted to come here to gain more expertise possessed by our medical, as well as the agreement with a number of universities in Europe and America to start sharing the experiences of the program.

■ «Egypt Your sun returned to gold» Can the meaning currently apply to medicine in the Egyptian?

– Egypt is always full of its distinguished sons, and we look forward to Egypt returning to its place as it was the seat of knowledge and knowledge, and I do not work alone, but there are team work and sincere people, so everywhere in our homeland are loyal men who love him so much, and we look forward to Egypt taking its rightful position. As a home for science and civilization, but we still have a lot ahead to do and we hope to reach it.

Do you remember the number of cardiac operations performed annually at the Aswan Center?

Open heart surgery exceeds 1,000 cases annually, while there are approximately 3000 catheterizations performed inside the center every year, and the share of children 60% of these operations. There are complex operations performed for children, and for all information, services are provided to patients free of charge without charge.

Al-Masry Al-Youm is interviewing Dr. Magdi Yaqoub

■ How are cases chosen to perform operations?

– Priority for critical cases, and we find it difficult to choose the first case by entering, because we often meet multiple cases that are critical, and we must choose the most dangerous ones given the number of rooms available, and we try to take children and patients of Upper Egypt, especially the poor and then the rest of the provinces.

Are you being pressured to adjust to conducting operations before others?

– Yes, pressure comes from great personalities, but we reject it, and we adopt a principle of no mediation, and we tell them that things are going according to order and organization for the common good and that patients ’lives are more expensive than anything, and we have no compliments at all in operations, and I remind you that we had a patient« A famous businessman, ”and he waited a lot because we brought one of the patients with critical cases to him, and we were late in performing his surgery, and when the businessman entered the operating room, I apologized to him, and I said that there was a difficult situation that we had to deal with before him, and he quickly replied:“ I am proud that Egypt has this system. ”He asked to donate to the hospital medical equipment equivalent to $ 30,000.

■ Tell us about the obstacles you faced when establishing the Aswan Heart Surgery Center?

The truth is the most difficult thing we met is resisting change from some, given accustomed to a specific method and work system, and this was represented in the rejection of the regulations that were laid down as a law for administration and work inside the hospital, and we took a period of tension and attraction with the naysayers until you understood that this is best for all of us, and more than that, they reassured That commitment leads them to stability and thus success.

■ The series of hope that I started in London a quarter of a century ago to treat the world’s children and succeeded in many countries. Can we consider Aswan a part of it?

– Of course we are dealing with the chain of hope that has spread to many countries all over the world as it is one idea and there is great cooperation between us and them and the series came to serve the children of the world and the largest part of the chain of hope is in Aswan and is independent from abroad, but cooperation continues between us.

We are under pressure from big personalities regarding adjusting the dates of operations … but we are not yielding to “mediation”.

■ Tell us about the latest thing in heart surgeries?

– Every day there is new in heart surgeries and we can say now that we are sitting together the latest thing is to start applying genetics and molecules to heart diseases and surgeries, genetics have great importance in knowing the type of disease and providing the appropriate medicine for it and also we know the appropriate surgery for a person from genetics, Where we are required to identify the genes appropriate for every human being, human beings are different in this matter, and determining the genes of the patients with accuracy makes it easy to choose the appropriate method for its treatment. We are currently working on choosing people in Aswan to determine the types of genes in order to find medicine and methods to treat the disease that is more accurate and safer, also photograph Heart of The interior is a matter of great progress, which led to the knowledge of birth defects from birth,.

What are the most common things that bring about “heartache”?

– Heart disease is currently one of the most common causes of death, as its numbers have surpassed deaths in cancer and heart problems due to genes, negative habits and a wrong diet. There are those who indulge in cholesterol and fats and stay away from fish and vegetables .. Also, desertion of sport is very bad and most of what exposes the heart to risk is Sadness and fear are two factors that affect the heart health quickly and work to deteriorate the condition that leads inevitably to death, as the heart muscle swells when sadness or fear, which makes the life of a person in danger and for science, the esterification of work does not cause a problem for the heart, because increased work leads to Comfort th Psychological brings reassurance and happiness and relaxes the heart The Japanese have discovered a disease called the Broken Heart which is extreme sadness, where the heart is harmed because it alters the heart muscle and amplifies it and leads to very serious heart shocks.

■ And the hearts of the Egyptians, how do you see it?

Heart health among a large number of Egyptians is at risk, and the reason is due to the fact that many follow wrong habits such as excessive everything, whether unhealthy food or drinks, staying away from sports and smoking, it is a major misfortune, nervousness, sadness, fear and lack of attention to well-ventilated places are all things that lead to the deterioration of public health The heart, I advise everyone to laugh, happiness, sports and change food and sleep cultures is essential for a healthy life

■ There are writings that I read about love and the possibility that the heart will be affected by it?

Sadness and fear are factors that directly affect the heart and hurt it very, so people should not dive into sorrows to protect their heart.

Al-Masry Al-Youm is interviewing Dr. Magdi Yaqoub

■ Heart transplantation Is it safe?

– Of course, the heart transplantation developed a lot from the past, and when they walk it increases its efficiency and gives the person happiness, and there are people who planted hearts for 35 years, and are still alive, and there are industrial hearts also and work efficiently, and it is known that cultivation is a natural heart and develops daily.

■ On the occasion of organ transplantation, how do you see it in Egypt and the Arab world?

A very sad topic that affects me a lot. Unfortunately, the current law on the transfer of organs hurts me, because our laws in Egypt still stand in the way of saving a lot of lives, because the transfer of organs to those in need is not available, even though the world has almost become a license to donate and transfer organs, in order to save a person’s life. The transfer of members is a gift of life, but the Egyptian constitution rejects that gift and forgot that all religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism favored the transfer of members, but the ideas we have are still stuck with old myths that are outdated and lead to the culmination of a hand of assistance to those who need it, and I appeal to you through the people, the state, and officials to be aware of all of them Important The ultimate in organ transplantation, which can bring happiness to an entire family by healing one of its members. I appeal to everyone to help the sick by moving the organ, which is not harmful to anyone because it comes from a deceased person.

■ But is there a difference in the definition of death?

– Modern death according to international science and medical agreements is the death of the brain stem in the sense that the death of the brain stem occurred in a person who has become among the dead and not death by stopping the entire blood circulation as the Egyptians depend because there is a big difference and we must know that the organs of the deceased person with the brain stem are alive They are healthy and can be moved easily either while waiting until the blood circulation stops completely for the duration of what the organs die, and even if they have not been in the direction of damage and moving them is very difficult, and therefore the organs of death in the first case are better and completely safe and are transplanted without any fears, while the other often dies before To be implanted in the esophagus . I appeal to the press and the media to make a major campaign to educate people and draw the officials ’attention to the importance of our entry into the organ transplant system and the adoption of brain stem death a natural death for patients who need organs and I tell them sometimes we need valves in Aswan and we do not find them in Egypt because they are not available and we send them to buy from abroad with huge sums very.


■ And how can culture be changed here so that we can formally adopt brain stem death?

– It is necessary to change these ideas for the common good of all of us, and you can imagine that in Europe a lot of awareness has occurred which has given the people the knowledge and I remember that years ago my children came to me and were still in the stage of basic education telling me my father we want to donate our members to our loved ones in need so I asked them You knew this topic from where they answered me that the school organized a day for us today about the importance of donating to the needy members immediately upon death, and they asked us to donate our members in the event of our death and we are ready and of course I encouraged them to their position, and I was happy with them and their ideas that are moving towards cooperation and nobility and we have to change what Our cultures are good for everyone.

■ What is new in scientific research?

– Scientific research is constantly evolving, you can find modern things every week, and we are currently working on stem cells, where we try to make the most of the cells in heart treatments, which are complex operations, but we have simply reached them in degrees of accuracy and importance, so treating the patient with stem cells has become a proven scientific fact. For example, there are stem cells that come out of the skin other than the bone and become cells in the heart and see them beating and controlling the cells and making them artificial tissues.

■ We want to know something about the new Magdy Yacoub Center in October?

– The truth is that we thought about the project after the success of the Aswan Center, and this successful project had to grow up and the decision came to extend it to broader and greater horizons in order to serve the people of the country who deserve many of us. The idea suddenly is to build a global center on a vast area to try to accommodate all the patients who come On the Aswan Center, and we find ourselves unable to make a treatment decision from the first, for example, there are more critical situations than the possibilities, and we are confused about which one to start, so it is necessary to expand, which is the year of life, and we aim at the new center in October to treat approximately 12 thousand cases of heart patients annually, including three Thousands of heart operations open at least For nine thousand catheters.

Are you going to move to the new center with the medical staff, or is there another team for this task?

A trained medical team will take over at the new center in October with our full and continuous support to Aswan Hospital so that it always remains a beacon and the destination of the world in treatment and I love to give the Egyptian state its right to support us strongly and support us and overcome the obstacles ahead, which increases us determination and determination to move forward towards our hope in serving Homeland, the Egyptians deserve a lot from us, and tired with them is a great relief.

■ How is the day of Dr. Magdy Yacoub?

– It is not an important thing to talk about.

■ Your loved ones want to know everything about you?

– I wake up at four in the morning, and the first thing I do is to enter my office and work on reading in multiple things magazines, newspapers, scientific research and books, and I continue until six oclock, then I took some sleep until seven and a half, where I wake up again and head to the swimming pool to exercise for an hour Then, I go to the hospital at eight thirty, and stay there until eleven pm, and then I go back to my house.


■ And what kinds of foods do you like?

– I eat breakfast almost at eight thirty in the evening after the swimming pool, and it is the only time I eat that I depend on fruits all day and fluids and water.

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