Majdi Yaqoub to “Al-Masry Al-Youm”: The current law of organ transplantation hurts me


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Sir Majdi Yaqoub said that the current law on the transfer of organs is disturbing. He added, in an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm, on Wednesday: “Unfortunately, the current law of organ transplantation hurts me, because our laws are still in Egypt standing in the way of saving many lives, because the transportation of organs to those in need is not available, even though the world has almost turned to donation leave and organ transplantation. In order to save a person’s life, transferring the organs is the gift of life, but the Egyptian constitution rejects that gift and forgot that all religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism favored the transfer of organs, but the ideas we have are still stuck with old myths that are outdated and lead to the culmination of a helping hand for those who need it.

Yaqoub added: “I appeal to you through the people, the state, and the officials to be aware of the utmost importance of the transplantation, which can bring happiness to a whole family by healing one of its members. I appeal to all to help the sick by moving the organs, which is something that does not harm anyone because it comes from a person deceased”.

The famous cardiologist said: «Modern death according to science and international medical agreements is the death of the brain stem in the sense that the death of the brain stem occurred in a person as it has become among the dead and not death by stopping the blood circulation completely as the Egyptians depend because there is a big difference and we must know that the person’s organs The deceased with a brain stem is alive and sound and can be moved easily either while waiting until the entire blood circulation has stopped for the duration of what the organs die and even if they have not died in their direction of damage and moving them is very difficult, so the organs of death in the first case are better and completely safe and transplanted without any concerns, either The other s often die To be Dhiraha in the patient ».

He added: “I appeal to the press and the media to make a major campaign to educate people and draw the officials attention to the importance of our entry into the organ transplant system and the adoption of brain stem death as a natural death for patients who need organs and I tell them sometimes we need valves in Aswan and we do not find them in Egypt because they are not available and we send we buy them from Outside with huge sums. ”

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