Majed Al-Masry: I hit a woman who provoked me


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Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2020 – 21:28

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        Artist Majed Al-Masry said that he might fight some battles if necessary, but that he cannot strike a woman except a woman who had provoked him, slapped and expelled her.<p>Majed Al-Masry said in his interview with the program "Al-Sattat, what they do not know," on "cbc" channel, that he slapped a woman in Al-Iskandia at the time of the play "Make Me Dosa". With whom the dialogue is taking place.

Al-Masry continued that he slapped her tightly, grabbed her, and then threw her out of his room because he lost his temper due to the insults he had received from her. After that, he returned to the journalist and asked him to continue the dialogue normally.

Majed Al-Masry added that he was hit once in his life by a boxer in Tanta, during his studies at the university, and because of this he did not go to the same university again.

In another context, Majed Al Masry recounted a situation while he was in Beirut with his wife, when one of the Lebanese women asked him, “Do you want a taste”? And before his wife became angry, he explained to her that the sentence means its Lebanese accent. Stressing that if he had a nice mite from a lady, he would gladly accept it.

The play “Make Me Dosa” starring Majed Al Masry, Fifi Abdo, Mohamed Nagati, Ahmed Rizk, Ahmed Zaher, Maher Essam, Fatima Salem, and directed by Hassan Abdel Salam.

It is noteworthy that Majed Al-Masry participated in Ramadan 2019 in the series “Earthquake” with Mohamed Ramadan, Hala Shiha, Nisreen Amin, Hanadi Muhanna, and was written by Abdul Rahim Kamal, directed by Ibrahim Fakhr, and produced by “Synergy” by its owner Tamer Morsi.

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