Malaysia plans to give its citizens $ 110 million to support e-commerce


A new report revealed that on Wednesday, Malaysia will start implementing a new program to distribute a total of 450 million ringgit (110 million dollars) to about half of its citizens, in a campaign to increase digital transactions that will be a big boost for e-wallet companies, as the money will be distributed through the e-wallet operator Grab In Southeast Asia, with support fromSoftBank Group , Depending on the site TOI Indian.

The Finance Minister said in a statement that every Malaysian aged 18 years or older who gets less than 100,000 ringgit a year will be eligible to receive a one-time shopping brochure of 30 ringgit through an e-wallet, and up to 15 million Malaysians will benefit from the program, Which was determined within the country’s budget for 2020 in October.

This initiative aims to expand adoption of digital payments between Malaysian consumers and merchants, especially among small retail companies, and it is expected that the total digital payments in Malaysia will grow by 10.8% annually, to reach about $ 17 billion by 2023 .

On the other hand, a recent study revealed that live chat tools “Live chat” For communication between sellers and buyers, sales and profits increase, according to the results published in a magazine Information Systems Research , Which was arrived at by the research team from Indiana University, Fudan University and University of Washington after reviewing the data of the Chinese e-commerce giant on Alibaba, about consumer buying decisions for Apple devices and others.

“From March to June 2013, we found that live chat can increase the likelihood of buying tablets by 15.9%, and we see that human interaction leads to better sales performance,” said study researcher Xue (Jin) Tan from Indiana University in the United States.“.

According to the researchers, the fact that sellers and buyers cannot speak in person leads to uncertainty about product quality and seller’s credibility, adding that live chat tools allow e-sellers to communicate with customers in real time, and the data source on Alibaba has a website-like reputation eBay, Where notes are collected after each transaction, and according to the study, the data consisted of consumer browsing, live chat, and the purchase date.


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