“Mari Al Mahbous” .. Anonymous revealed to the police the perpetrator of the Kafr Al Dawar massacre – accidents


“My sisters expelled me and I did not have money, and I want to steal any need he worked on.” … The last words of the accused, Sharif Al-Jazzar, the perpetrator of the Kafr al-Dawar massacre, and killed 7 members of one family, with his friend “Mari”, an unemployed fugitive from a 10-year ruling in a coerced robbery case.

Investigations into the incident revealed that Mari’s friend of the accused helped the mabahith to reveal the circumstances of this massacre and quickly arrest the accused, as the defendant went to him and told him that he needed a sum of money, after he expelled his sisters, and asked him to help him steal cattle in exchange for his 10 thousand pounds, Mari refused and told him that he is a fugitive from the ruling, and he does not want anyone to see him until he is not reported by the police.

Investigations added that Maree’s friend, the accused, confirmed that after that Sharif left and left, and at the dawn of the second day he received a phone call from his brother and told him that there was an unknown person who went to “Hosni ”’s house and killed him and his family and set their bodies ablaze, so the“ Sharif ”interview confirmed that He told him that he wanted to steal livestock because of his financial hardship, and he called Sharif and told him that he was in Alexandria, and that he was injured due to a road accident, and when he heard that the perpetrator was injured and that there was blood in front of the victims’ house, he decided to testify before the chief of the detective and went to him and gave himself up, and told him what happened between him And Sharif.

Marihi was instructed about his place in Alexandria, and the forces reservations about Mari to take legal measures regarding the ruling against him.

An errand was launched from the mabahith and arrested the suspect Sharif. Investigations stated that the mabahith officers and the public prosecutor confronted Sharif with what was said by his friend, “Mari,” and he confessed to committing this massacre, saying: “I killed the seven and burned them and the blade of the knife hit me .. My ability to steal any livestock. Tired of killing all the victims … I preferred 25 minutes to slaughter them and burn their bodies. ”

And the Attorney General, Hamada Al-Sawy, referred the perpetrator of the incident, Sharif Abdullah Rajab Muhammad Al-Zayat, “imprisoned” to an urgent criminal trial, for premeditated and premeditated murder of an entire family and setting him ablaze in their home on January 5th.

The Public Prosecution received a notification that 7 deceased persons from one family were found inside their house, and members of it moved to debate the bodies and inspect the crime scene, and the Public Prosecution seconded the doctors of the forensic medicine department to conduct the anatomical description of the bodies, and forensic laboratory experts to remove the effects from the crime scene, and requested investigations The detective about the incident, its circumstances and circumstances.

Forensic medicine doctors confirmed that there were injuries to all of the dead except for a child among them, and that their death – without the last child – was due to stabbing and segmental injuries and the burns associated with them; while the rising smoke caused the child to be poisoned by carbon monoxide, which led to a respiratory failure that killed his life ; Forensic Experts cut off the fire as a result of contacting a burning source with its starting area with the use of accelerated ignition materials such as rice straw.

The Public Prosecution ordered that the accused be brought and brought after the investigations of the researcher revealed him; and in his interrogation he confessed that he committed the crime out of theft due to his financial distress; Urgent criminal set for it on January 28.

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