Maryam Hussein raises controversy by commenting on Mohamed Ramadan after their meeting in Dubai


Mariam Hussein raised a case of controversy because of her strange statement that she made, after meeting the artist Muhammad Ramadan for the first time in the scenes of his concert with the artist Saad Al-Mujdarad.

Maryam Hussein spoke about Muhammad Ramadan during a quick interview on “The Insider in Arabic”, which revealed that she was keen to meet him in the scenes of his concert in Dubai, which she attended.Maryam Hussein expressed her great happiness with meeting Muhammad Ramadan for the first time, saying about her impression of him: “I love his personality, I feel it is Mary Hussein 2, or I am Muhammad Ramadan 2 … almost the same character.”

Maryam Hussein added that she liked the songs of Mohamed Ramadan, specifically the song “Ansay”, which was shared by Saad Al-Mujarad and the song “Number One”. People who criticize him, why are you speaking and saying, I am a number, and I am the emperor .. Normal, I say about myself, I am the queen. ”

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