Maryam Hussein re-publish the video that caused her imprisonment .. and the public advises her to delete it


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Moroccan actress Maryam Hussein republished the dance clip that caused a ruling to imprison her and remove her from the Emirates after judicial disputes with the journalist Saleh Al Jasmi.

Maryam appeared in the bold video, dancing sexy and tight clothes during one of the New Year’s parties.

It seems that Maryam Hussein wanted to deliver a message stating that the punishment is not commensurate with the size of the error, which is understood from the message written on the video, “This video is an indecent assault.”
But as soon as the Moroccan artist published this video, the comments she advised quickly swept to delete it, as it represents a challenge to the judiciary and is now unfit for it.
While some solidarity with her, he said do not deserve it, while some demanded that she not re-publish the video until people forget, while others affirmed that the topic is bigger than a dance video.
A few days ago, the Dubai Misdemeanor Court issued its final ruling, which is not subject to appeal, by deporting Maryam Hussein from the United Arab Emirates, imprisoning her for 3 months and acquitting journalist Saleh Al Jasmi from the charges against him.
Hussein expressed her objection to the ruling through her own account on the “Instagram” site using the “Asturi” feature, and she said: “Whoever sees these words says a murderer is a murderer or a criminal or .. They interfere with my life and their money has entered my life. ”
Moroccan actress Maryam Hussein, an Emirati journalist, Saleh Al Jasmi, also apologized after the verdict of her imprisonment on charges of indecent assault with a rapper during New Year’s celebrations.

She wrote, she says via “Twitter”: “First: Thank you very much for your kind endeavor, Umm Fahid. This is one of your good origin. Secondly: Regarding apologizing for my head, and this is my message according to a direct apology to Brother Saleh. ”
In another message, the Moroccan artist said on Twitter: I hope that friendliness will prevail with Bouabdellah, and the matter will be on the forgotten page. She added: For my daughter’s knowledge, her third birthday after a week, and I hope that it will be a year of joy for me and everyone, concluding her message with hashtag #Year_Translence.
This comes amid attempts by Emirati artist Ahlam to end the nearly two-year-old feud between the couple.
Nevertheless, the Emirati journalist refused to apologize and mediate, and confirmed his persistence in his position and non-concession. I budge even if they weigh me gold .. don’t give up. is over”.


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