Material and violent .. 10 crises for Megan Markle at the Royal Palace ended with her departure


She did not complete just two years inside the royal palace, which is considered a dream that “Megan” was able to achieve to fascinate the world and girls especially by marrying Prince Harry that handsome young grandson of the Queen of Great Britain, but that “Meganet decided to dispense with this life and the palace and the lives of the kings to separate with her husband and child” Archie ” In a new, calm and separate life from the royal family.

Megan Markle’s character seems to be completely different from her counterpart Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, Harry’s brother, since Meghan and Harry’s sermon was announced and crises began to come and British media speak of Meghan Markle’s sharp and spoiled personality as well.

the beginning

The story began with a sharp attack from her father, which exposed her to widespread criticism from her audience, as a British newspaper published parts of the “Megan” message to her father, which she intended to stop attacking in the media, as he did not attend her wedding and it was said at the time that “Megan Markle” was boycotting her family, especially Her father and sister.

The legendary wedding ceremony for Harry and Megan took place in May 2018, at the historic Windsor Castle which was watched by more than 2 billion people globally, and a few months later, and specifically on the day of Princess Eugenie’s granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth in October 2018, Megan decided to inform the royal family of her pregnancy , And which some considered that she had chosen this day specifically to grab the spotlight of Princess Eugenie at her wedding, and she was attacked again.

Physical exploitation

There was widespread news at the time of Megan renewing her residence at the expense of public money, and it cost him 2 and a half million pounds sterling, which placed it under severe criticism and attack after the spread of this news.

From the first day of the announcement of “Megan Markle” pregnancy on the same day as Princess Eugenie, Prince Harry’s cousin, Megan Markle succeeded in hijacking the lights of her media and appearing with her husband in romantic intentional shots in front of the lenses, and boasts about her pregnancy after the lapse of months after the announcement of pregnancy, so she entered into Sharp criticism circle.

During the months of Megan Markle’s pregnancy, and in every look of her, she deliberately appeared in luxurious clothing that was very expensive, and a British newspaper published a detailed report on the prices of Megan Merkel’s clothes in her pregnancy, reaching 500 thousand pounds.

Defame the royal family

Not only did that, but Megan was accused of risking the reputation of the British royal family for its massive celebrations and luxury dinners in Manhattan.

According to the website of the British newspaper Mirror, Patrick Jeffson, the late Princess Dianas assistant, who has worked with her for 8 years, said that Megan Markle makes the same mistakes as her mother-in-law, Princess Diana and repeat the same situations, by mixing between personal and official life and the exploitation of being a family member The property travels cheap trips.

Another crisis that Megan Markle put herself in in the last weeks of her pregnancy, as she traveled to the United States of America and attended the Baby Shower concert for her baby with her friends, which is inappropriate for the royal family princesses.

Detachable boot

In December 2018, Prince Harry and Megan decided to separate from the royal palace and move to live in a separate cottage-like house in Nottingham’s hut in order to prepare to raise their child quietly and separately from the palace’s tensions, but this separation did not occur clearly, but was merely a gradual separation in preparation for the final separation from the palace And what Harry and Megan announced during the past days.

After this decision, Megan Merkel’s disagreements reached some skirmishes with her counterpart Kate Middleton, where many disputes broke out between the two duchesses Kate and Megan, after news of a conflict between them in the royal palace was reported that ended with Prince Harry’s decision to separate from the palace and move to live in a separate house with his wife Megan , Which strained the relationship between the brothers Harry and William.

Sharp and violent

While Megan Markle was at the royal palace, British newspapers published news about how Megan handled the members of the palace, as they stressed that it was difficult to deal with, and her requests were many, and she raised her voice with her staff at the palace, causing her personal assistance to resign a few months after entering the palace.

The last chapter

Then came the final decision to drop the curtain on the problems of Meghan Merkel at the royal palace, where Prince Harry announced his separation with his wife Megan from the royal palace and living in a single house away from royal life, after Queen Elizabeth agreed to this decision.


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