May Al-Aidan on the death of Nancy Ajram’s house: “He deserves to be crushed.”


An old picture of May Al-Aidan with Nancy Ajram

Kuwaiti media May Al-Aidan confirmed that she stands next to the truth in the case of the murder of Nancy Ajram’s house by her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem.

May Al-Aidan published an old photo of her with Nancy Ajram, and a writer commented: “The right of the oppressed and those who die, because I stand with the right in relation to the crime that took place at Nancy Ajram’s house. Uh, on the FM radio of Kuwait, here is the picture in your eyes, and you don’t want more, and the meeting is with me, I will download it on YouTube soon. ”

May Al-Aidan continued, saying, “Secondly, I don’t stand beside the right, but with him, and the human being has been assaulted against the sanctity of her home and her data. My thief deserves to be crushed. . I say to the oppressed, I will fight you. ”


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