Maya Diab threatens them and does not care – photo


Since the outbreak of the Lebanese revolution, the Lebanese star Maya Diab has raised her voice loudly and rejected everything that happens in Lebanon from a difficult economic situation and from living below the required level except for the lack of work opportunities and increased unemployment.

She went to the forums and spoke and did not care about her interests or her audience, which belongs to multiple political parties, she said the word truth and walked.

After the revolution returned again under the slogan “The Week of Rage”, it threatened all politicians and vowed that the revolution would not die this time and said:

“The week of anger, the name is enough, and we are all coming, what are we all because you are without a sense and the quorum is nothing left in something that shakes it, but we will shake you .. We don’t have anything to do with you. We do not open a road and we do not go down the road.

Maya Diab
Maya Diab


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