Medical Syndicate: Administrative arbitrariness in the Ministry of Health is a major cause of the Minya accident. Video


Dr. Ehab Al-Taher, Secretary-General of the Medical Syndicate, said that the tragic incident of female doctors assigned to Minya Governorate, yesterday, Wednesday 15 January 2020, which led to the martyrdom of two doctors, and the injury of 12 doctors, including three critical cases, while they were going to Cairo to attend a training they were notified of in a way Suddenly, from their work side, an order has become a recurring matter, which is administrative help. It is unreasonable for an administrative order to be sent to female doctors just two days before the training date.

Al-Taher added: Without leaving any time to arrange a safe travel method and in violation of all the rules of logic and the principles of issuing administrative decisions, so that doctors did not find reservations on the train to connect them to Cairo, which forced them to independence the microbus in which the accident occurred, and although the accident was God’s cause, But he shed light on an order that must be stopped to not be repeated.

He continued: The union decided to mourn the union in the union for 3 days, with submitting notices to the public prosecutor and the administrative prosecution to investigate the incident, and the decisions that preceded the accident, especially that the doctors are sufficient for what they witness from work under low wages, difficult working conditions, repeated attacks and lack of protection for them And many of the factors that push them to leave government hospitals in Egypt, and it is not reasonable to add to all of these factors administrative arbitrariness, in the way that has killed the lives of our female doctors.

The syndicate had just issued a statement, announcing that it was referring the doctors responsible for issuing arbitrary administrative orders to the union’s investigation committee, and filing a report with the Public Prosecutor and the Administrative Prosecution to open a criminal and administrative investigation into the incident against everyone who caused the issuance of arbitrary administrative orders or participated in threatening doctors, which presented their lives At risk, and demanded that all training courses be held in the governorates. As for the case of the necessity of moving to any other governorate, the employer provides safe transportation means, provided that doctors are notified of any regular or training missions with a date two weeks earlier.


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