Meeting Khamisi: This work is an adventure that I was attracted to..and Al-Fusha was not difficult for me


She always tries to make her artistic choices different, and she has proven this day after day even in the new artistic steps that some may see as an adventure that should not be approached, but her belief in the necessity of diversity and difference is what drives her to make any new artistic ideas upon her until she recently participated in a movie star An Egyptian cartoon, “The Knight and the Princess”, which was recently shown at the El Gouna Film Festival. It is scheduled to be shown soon by cinemas .. She is the actress.Al-Khamisi’s meetingShe talks to “Al-Fan” about the scenes and preparations of the movie “The Knight and the Princess” and the experience in general, and about speaking in Al-Fusha, and her opinion about the extinction of this type of film and its impact on children and young age groups, and about its founding of a new band, and its opinion on real cinema as some call it. , And her position on social media phenomena such as the irony and insults to which celebrities are exposed, and many details in the following encounter with her:

Initially, you presented the narrator with a cartoon called “The Knight and Princess”, which is a great adventure for you, so how were the scenes of your acceptance and preparation for this work?
It is definitely an adventure, but it is calculated and very accurate, especially since the written text when I read it was very attracted to him, in addition to my desire to support my brother “Haitham” as a work in which he provides his soundtrack, and this project is long years old, especially as the scriptBasheer Al-DeekMy father and I had a great friendship, and I followed the birth of this work for many years as a dream that I want to achieve for me, and I also got excited about this project as the first Egyptian cartoon film to be executed with Egyptian hands.

Was performing the role of the narrator with “the knight and the princess” difficult for you, especially because he was a formal man?
I do not find it difficult to eloquently, especially since it is the official language that I must be familiar with in all its details, even if I did not present works in which I speak el-Fusha, but there are factors that helped me to overcome this matter with ease, the first of which was that I lived outside Egypt in my childhood and the conversation was in El-Fusha in Most of the time, then during my studies at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, which helped me to present theatrical works purely in Al-Fusha, I presented several theatrical works at this time, the most important of which is “Hamlet”.

In terms of the movie market and audience accounts, didn’t you put in your calculations that the current audience does not like the works that are spoken in classical like “the knight and the princess”?
The reactions when the movie “The Knight and the Princess” was shown at the third session of the El Gouna Film Festival was very good, and I found great praises for my role in this work, but for market accounts and the tastes of the audience, especially since the whole work is being talked about in Al-Fusha is an adventure, especially since the audience is not used to It is in artistic works, but I consider this work to be an invitation to pay attention to our Arabic language, which we must not forget, as it is the language of the Noble Qur’an, and our Semitic Arabic language that we should always cherish.

And how do you see the decline in cartoon production inLebanonArab countries, is it a production issue?
I think it is definitely a productivity issue, especially with the huge budgets that this type of business needs to present, in addition to that cartoon films when I was a child carrying innocent messages to children were not beyond the limits of their mental abilities at the time, but with the openness and technological revolution that we are living in today Cartoons have become more meaningful and beyond the capabilities of the child at the present time, and this is what I recovered by following cartoons with my children.

And why did you decide to sing the song “Knight and Princess” called “No way is impossible”, which is a second adventure for your participation in this work?
I liked the meaning of the song, which confirms that there is no impossible in this world, and the events and idea of ​​the song are inspired by the story of the work in general, and the fact that what encouraged me and made me make the decision to sing the movie titars is my brother “Haitham”, from whom I found great insistence on the lyric of the movie song, thank God The echoes were very good when the audiences heard the lyric of the movie and after it was shown at the El Gouna Film Festival in its last session.

Judging from the idea of ​​the song “Mevesh is impossible”, how do you see dreams and how to achieve them at the present time, given the pressures and difficulties that are currently in place for each person to achieve his dream that he wants?
Dreams cannot be achieved or made easily easily and this is very intuitive, but it is necessary for the person to be persistent and striving towards the realization of his dream, and we liked to communicate this idea through the song “Mavish is impossible”. The ones in the movie made me feel very responsible towards the new generation who are being directed to work in general.

You said a while ago that you wanted to create your own music group expressing new lyrical ideas for young people, so what about this project?
I think that the new generation needs a new kind of music that fits with its ideas, but it is necessary to choose the appropriate words that are presented to the public in general, especially since the new generation is conscious, cultured and highly intelligent, and what attracts it in the first place are the lyrics of the songs before the melody or distribution, So I am on my way to implement this projectMy dream is to create a band that expresses the ideas of youth and the new generation.

What are the most negative things that you find in society and puts negative energies inside you?
I think that the lack of morals in some people is the biggest factor that makes anyone feel frustrated, as well as our lack of appreciation for the things of value around us, and the phenomenon of irony that has become a bad habit and scrutinizing the lives of the people around us makes me feel very negative energy, because I hope that everyone corrects himself And himself first of all.

In your opinion, do you see that the cinema is realistic today, especially since there are some films that monitor the reality of an offensive to the Egyptian society and justify it as reality without beautification?
I am not against films that convey the reality around us, but we must make a balance between ugliness and beauty even in our artistic works. It is necessary that there be films that highlight the beauty of the epochs in the history of Egyptian society also in the face of works that convey the reality as they recall, as it is When there are works of art that talk about old time periods, you find a great attraction from the audience towards them, especially since the audience wants to see the elements of beauty and the time periods that we feel longing for without the ugliness or presenting the negative aspects of reality in the artworks.

Does the artist suffer from how superficial people often see him?
Of course .. the artist suffers from superficial looks from some people, theorizing about our lives and making prejudices without scrutiny, for everything in this world is a tax, because fame and success and all these beautiful things have a tax and we always pay for it, at a time when some people may live a simple life We may wish it very often.

Social networking sites are what make the artist most often subjected to the phenomenon of ridicule, humiliation and defamation, so how do you deal with such matters?
I am not the only one who is exposed to these matters, but all celebrities are exposed to this, and I often find myself trying to address these horrific phenomena that have come to us as a result of opening up to social media, and suddenly I decide to back down and I do not want to causeOnly one is that I am convinced that my words will not change anything. If my words would change anything, then these cynics would not have spoken from the beginning or mocked against me or against others.

In the end .. Why don’t you believe in the idea that the artist is setting an example for his fans?
Because every person in this world is an example for his own self without another person setting an example or an ideal for him, and I hope that all people leave each other without ridicule, and do not establish themselves more important than others, just as everyone desires freedom of opinion and expression we must turn Freedom is based on not compromising the private life of others, and the artist is not infallible but rather a natural person like the rest of the people.


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