Meghan Markle’s father embarrasses her and reveals for the first time old photos of her


Thomas Markle, Meghan Markle’s father, did not hesitate to enter the hype that her announcement and her husband Prince Harry had recently given up giving up their royal duties.

This came through his appearance in a documentary called My Story, which was shown by British Channel 5 a few days ago, in which he revealed a number of previously unpublished photos of his daughter, from her early childhood to her youth years.

Megan appeared in the pictures with different looks and ages, and in family, social, and special occasions. She drew attention to the changes that have occurred in her form at all these stages.

The father said in a statement to the film: “In the beginning, when I was born, I could not be happy.” He added: “They brought it to me, I saw her face and loved her very much. I knew it would be exceptional.”

The father, who was unable to attend the royal wedding for his daughter, continued: “There is no doubt that the royal family owes me something. Harry owes me something, and Megan too. I must be rewarded because I lived in very difficult circumstances.”

The screening of this film comes in light of the noise caused by the move of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Canada, where they appeared as ordinary citizens living outside the provisions of the royal protocol.


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