Menna Fadali reveals for the first time the story of her threat to burn her with fire water


The actress Menna Fadali is always exposed to great situations and crises, and in a press interview she revealed for the first time two strange facts that she was exposed to with her fans during the past period, including one of them threatening her to throw a chemical “fire water” on her face if she did not marry him.

Mena said that this young man sent a message to her father through his personal account on Facebook, and said to him: “I know that you are in Saudi Arabia and will kidnap your daughter.” The person after threatening him.

As for the second incident, she said: I was surprised to send an unknown video clip to him via her account with “Instagram”, and he said to her in it: “I love you and you do not want to link me with me”. His fate, whether alive or dead because of his act.

It is noteworthy that Menna Fadali is currently presenting the series “Bint Al Kabyl” by director Hosni Saleh, and co-starring Hanan Mutawa, Mohamed Riad, Amr Abdel Jalil in addition to a large group of stars.


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