Merkel: The Berlin conference participants agreed to stop supporting both sides of the conflict in Libya


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German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed that the Berlin conference on Libya “set a new path to be a glimmer of hope for the Libyans, and our goal was to support the United Nations plan.”

Merkel added, at the end of the Berlin conference on the Libyan crisis, on Sunday evening, that “the conference made a great contribution to support the United Nations efforts in Libya.”

She continued, “We agreed that we need a political solution in Libya and there is no room for any military solution, and there is no chance for a military solution because this will increase the suffering of the Libyan people.”

She went on to say, “We obtained the agreement of all the participants in the conference not to provide any support to the warring parties, and the participants in the conference agreed on the need to reach a political solution to the conflict.”

And she added, “We agreed on a binding process to guarantee a truce in Libya, to establish the arms embargo, and to guarantee the right of Libyans to live in peace.”

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