“Meteorology” announces the weather during the next 72 hours


The Meteorological Authority said that the country will witness a state of turbulent weather during the next 72 hours, following a wave of stability that the country witnessed during the previous 4 days.

The “Meteorology”, in a statement on it, indicated that temperatures are expected to drop by about 6 degrees Celsius, in addition to forecasts of precipitation on the northern coasts and a seafront, and wind activity on the northern and Mediterranean coasts, as well as movement disturbance, will decrease in the coming days. Maritime navigation.

The Commission expected that the temperatures will continue to decrease in the next Saturday and Sunday, provided that it rises again on the following Saturday and Sunday, provided that cold weather prevails in the morning and very cold at night, while warm weather prevails in southern Upper Egypt during mild weather during the day and very cold at night.

The following is a statement of the expected temperatures during the coming days:

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