“Meteorology” warns: a rapid decrease in temperatures in the coming days


Mahmoud Shaheen, director of the Center for Analysis and Forecasting of Meteorology, said that the weather is witnessing a stable temperature during the coming hours, and the temperatures are still at their normal levels during daylight hours.

Shaheen added, on the “Good Morning Egypt” program broadcast on the First Egypt Satellite Channel, that there is a decrease in temperatures during the night hours with a difference of 10 degrees Celsius between the Great and Minor, which causes a feeling of cold in the coming days.

He explained that the temperatures may tend to warm on the south and north of Upper Egypt and on most of the northern coasts, so he avoids loosening the clothes and wearing heavy ones, pointing out that the density of water blackness on most agricultural and desert roads near water bodies reaches the limit of fog from today.

He advised the director of the Meteorological Center of the Meteorological Authority, be careful while driving on the roads in the form of water splint early in the morning, with heavy winter clothing throughout the day.

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