Microsoft chief: For these reasons, we won a Pentagon contract worth 10 billion dollars


In October 2019, the U.S. Department of Defense announced that Microsoft had awarded a contract called Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure , Or JEDI – To provide cloud storage of sensitive military data and technology, such as artificial intelligence to the Ministry of Defense, could result in revenues of up to $ 10 billion over 10 years, and most people were surprised by this announcement because most of them expected Amazon to win a contract JEDI, According to the site mspoweruser The American.

As expected, Amazon was not satisfied with the decision of the Ministry of Defense and was planning to file a lawsuit against the decision of the Ministry of Defense, while a previous report revealed that Amazon decided to go to the Federal Court to prevent Microsoft temporarily from operating under a contract JEDI .

Speaking to the press at an event in New York City yesterday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained why Microsoft won a contract JEDI With a value of $ 10 billion, according to Satya, Microsoft’s cloud storage service capabilities, known as Azure She is the reason behind her victory over Amazon.

Nadila said: “If you go back to a contract JEDI This is kind of what really happened, as we stayed and we said look, someone like the Ministry of Defense will need to develop, and we have built a leadership position mainly in what people describe as hybrid computing. “

Nadila added: “We are the only players today who have the ability to distribute mathematical data and disputes, and have consistency in management, security and data across these two pages.“.

He also noted that the capabilities of the hybrid platform are available today in Azure It is the result of a ten-year effort.

Microsoft has commented on Amazon’s complaint in court over a contract JEDI Saying, “We believe the facts will emerge and reveal and have conducted a detailed, comprehensive and impartial process in identifying and selecting the needs of the best combatants I have met.”. “


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