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Microsoft will begin today, Tuesday, to stop technical support for Windows 7 systems, to stop these systems from receiving updates.

The experts at Microsoft pointed out that the company’s decision to abandon the mentioned operating systems came because of the age of these systems, which reached 10 years. During the last century, many new programs appeared, and types of electronic attacks developed with them, and Windows 7 became unable to protect users from these dangers.

According to statistics, Windows 7 is still one of the most used operating systems for computers in the world, according to StatCounter analyzes, about 26.7% of computer users are still dependent on it, while about 65% of computer users depend on Windows 10 systems.

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It should be noted that Microsoft launched Windows 7 on October 22, 2009, and this system became after a period of the most supported operating system by computer users, as it provided many features such as support for the handwriting feature, the ability to support multi-core processors, and support for advanced graphics processors .

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