Miss Russia Children .. Learn the Egyptian “Tia Hassan” story


3:09 a.m.

Monday 20 January 2020

Pictures of the only 5-year-old Egyptian girl, Tia Hamdi Hassan, invade the streets of the Russian capital, Moscow, and major cities.

Over the past few days, Tia has become the talk of satellite channels and media outlets, and major advertising companies have been flocking to her after winning the Miss Russia title for children.

The story of “Tia” started according to the “Arabiya.net” website from the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, where her father, the Egyptian young man, Hamdi Hassan, who works in the field of physical and environmental therapy, married a Russian girl, and they gave birth to “Tia”.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya.net, Hassan said that his daughter holds both Egyptian and Russian nationalities, adding that despite her young age as she was one and a half years old, they noticed Tias abilities in the Russian language, ballet dance and her strong memory.

Tias father says that he decided to travel his daughter and wife to Russia for 3 months every year, and there the girl learned a lot of special skills until she was chosen to work in the advertising sector on Russian TV, and her ads achieved great popularity, especially as she combined Russian beauty and Egyptian blood wit and became Star of ads filled with pictures of the streets of Russia.

He also drew attention to the choice of his child to participate in the Miss Russia competition for children for the age of 5 years, as half a million girls from various provinces and cities of Russia competed with them, and all of them excelled in intelligence, beauty, wit and expressive ability in the face, and she won first place and won the title, explaining that Tia is preparing To participate soon and within a month in the Miss Universe contest.

With this, Tia became the first Egyptian and Arab woman to win the title of Miss Children in Russia, and her father says: “It is enough for us and it is enough for us that the little Egyptian girl dazzled the Russians with beauty and Arab intelligence.”

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