“Missing opportunities due to emptiness and getting a historical show” .. Azzaro is approaching M.


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books – Muhammad Yusri Murshid:

Al-Ahly striker Walid is close to leaving his team, which plans to announce the signing of Senegalese striker Alio Badji.

A source familiar with “Masrawy” said that dispensing with Azzaro is the first option to make room for the newcomer Badji, based on the vision of Al-Ahly coach Rene Vyler.

The son of the Moroccan city of Ait Melloul who came to Egypt in June 2017 made a case of controversy in Egypt and among his club’s fans. What are his stories?

Al-Ahly signed with Azzaro on the 18th of June 2017 to compensate the escape of Ivorian Soleimani Coulibaly for a sum of 1.4 million dollars, and after the French coach, Herve Renard, chosen the former coach of the Moroccan national team in the list of his country.

Azzaros start was exciting to compare with Coulibaly and Malik Evona, but the Moroccan scored, wasted and divided the fans of his club. Al-Maghrabi crowned the league’s top scorer with 18 goals and scored in the whole season 26 goals and made 8 to hit all records set by foreign players before him in the Red Castle.

Azzaro said in previous statements to “Masrawy” about this period: Since I came to Al-Ahly Club and expected to win the title of top scorer, regardless of the start that some did not like, but I had great certainty that the title of scorer would be mine.

A number of Al-Ahly fans expressed great anger over Walid’s wasting of goals despite his distinguished numbers, which made him a target for the arrows of the criticism, so that some linked him to the French Real Madrid player Karim Benzema, and about this he said, “The waste of opportunities also comes because of my feeling of a state of emptiness, This conversation will be understood only by a football player, the most important thing is that the attacker crosses this period, and this depends on the personality of this striker. ”

“It is an honor for me to be like Karim Benzema, yes, he wastes a lot of goals, but he scores a lot, and if he was bad, he would not have continued at Real Madrid.”

And he ended, “Excuse the fans, but everyone should know that any player needs some time to adapt to the ways the new coach plays, to adapt to the new method, with new colleagues, the rest of the numbers that everyone talks about will be destroyed one by one.”

Oarou, 24, who has speed and great ability to put pressure on the opponents’ defense, has had unlimited support from his former coach, Hossam Al-Badri, who has received a large amount of criticism for his insistence on paying the player.

Azaro said about this support. “The coach feels the player. There are things that the audience does not see, whether in training or the stadium. In games, the player does things that the cameras do not transmit, only the coach can see him, and therefore he decides to provide support to the player or not.

He continued: “Al-Badri has always seen that I am doing my best, sticking to instructions and playing, I can talk a lot about Captain Hossam Al-Badri, but that will not suffice, the coach’s accomplishments.”

Azzaro, who was chosen by Hosam Al-Badri, former coach of Al-Ahly, is known for wasting easy opportunities, especially singles.

The Al-Ahly and Al-Wadad matches in the 2017 African Champions League final are at the forefront of the matches in which the Moroccan missed opportunities, as it missed three confirmed opportunities by two opportunities to go and return, while I missed two opportunities by going to the final of the previous edition of the same championship before Esperance.

Azzaro missed three chances with two Pyramids matches in the first and second rounds of the last season and alone in facing Zamalek in the same season in addition to wasting the Emirati Al Wasl match, which brought Al-Ahly out of the Arab Championship and left immediately after the former French coach Carteron.

Despite the opportunities presented by the Moroccan star, he surpassed all foreigners in Al-Ahly and the Egyptian League by scoring 41 goals and 16 goals in 89 games.

The most prominent station in Azaru’s journey with Al-Ahly was getting a historical offer that is the largest in the history of transfers from Egyptian clubs to their foreign counterparts after the Chinese club “Hebi Fortune” in July 2018 made an official offer for Al-Ahly club in which he requested to buy the Moroccan striker for $ 9.5 million, along with Some other concessions amount to another half a million, bringing the total offer to more than 178 million Egyptian pounds.

However, Al-Ahly rejected the offer because of the difference in its mechanism for paying the dues so that the Moroccan would remain in Al-Ahly and was close to leaving for free after a year and a half of the historical offer.


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