Modernity and the separation of religion from the state are the basis for progress


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For more than two centuries, Egypt has been trying to find a way to raise the profile of its people. The types of governance varied from royal to public and the level of freedoms and popular participation varied from one period to another and Egypt is trying to find the first path that leads it forward. Opinions differed and ideas contradicted each team defending its opinion that this is the best way to raise the issue of Egypt, and not everyone has yet agreed on The first step to progress is the application of modernity, which includes two parts: the first is modern education based on the realization of reason, and the other is the separation of religion from the state.

We are still fighting in our beloved homeland and fighting for the type of political system that will lead to progress, is it liberal, capitalist, leftist, or Islamic? Forgetting that the illiteracy rate in Egypt represents about a third of the population. If we take into account those who have completed the years of compulsory education and do not know how to read and write, the illiteracy rate will increase. And that cultural illiteracy represents a much higher percentage than that, and that any successful system in Egypt must invest in people first, and that if we can eliminate illiteracy in ten years, and this is possible, and if all force was focused on that, Egypt’s situation would change, and if a radical reform occurred In education, the situation of Egypt has changed completely.

In the first half of the twentieth century, there was a distinguished education system, training, and scientific research for a small percentage of Egyptians, and this small percentage was able to produce intellectuals, professional and economic leaders, artists, and skilled workers who were able to lead Egypt to become the most important and richest country in the region despite the presence of occupation, external pressure, and wars. If the Egyptian education system had evolved to become more modern and gradually include all Egyptians, the situation would have changed completely. An educated and highly educated person will have a small family to maintain his economic level and to be able to ensure an education and a good life for his children. Education is one of the helpful solutions to reduce the population explosion.

Investing in the human being is the most important and the most important because the educated and skilled person who has the best training is the one who produces, creates and develops his personal and the nation’s wealth. There are many countries that do not have any natural resources, but the human mind who has learned and trained has produced more wealth than oil wealth many times, and the report issued this week that the software and internet industry has attracted new investments of $ 8.3 billion in Israel this year is an amazing thing and explains the importance of education, training and opening The field is for talented people in many industries and technology that do not need natural resources and only need mind and talent and give opportunity and freedom to new ideas so that they do not seem imaginary and not applicable. In these difficult economic circumstances and the absence of a clear idea of ​​how Egypt emerged from the impasse in which it lived in the past century as a whole, the rulers of Egypt did not focus that the real solution is to raise the level of education and capture outstanding minds and raise them in advanced education and training. Education has always been a topic of recent discussion and attention of the rulers in their sermons and in their newspapers, but on the ground the education and vocational and advanced technical training has always and never takes a small portion of the budget and from real interest.

Many Egyptian minds work all over the world and are nurtured and appreciated because they have found no place in Egypt. Places of modern advanced education and serious scientific research that push the economy forward are limited compared to a huge amount of universities that give modest traditional education and have no interest in scientific research. The state’s ability to provide quality education to millions of students is limited, and with the terrible population increase there is no real hope for educational or economic reform, and the country for seven decades has made no real effort to limit the population explosion, and the reason is the rulers ’fear of their people if decisive decisions are made in circumstances Where the freedom of the poor is only available in childbearing.

We come to the second point, which is separating religion from the state. We have learned from history that the European Renaissance began when the church came out of interference in the system of government, and it became a religious, not a political, church that only looked after people’s affairs spiritually and religiously. This is a well-known historical fact. To start with the first step towards real progress, we must separate religion from the state. Religion is for God and the homeland for all and it is the motto of 1919 that united the Egyptians and tried to build the first modern societal renaissance. This topic is very sensitive. Many believe that the reason for default is the distance from religion, and the fact that the reason for default is the distance from science and scientific thinking. In difficult political circumstances, and with the presence of several generations raised on the media, I convinced them that the solution to Egypt’s economic, health and security problems is resorting to religion, then it will be difficult to convince people that scientific thinking is the basis for progress. I know that the Egyptians are mostly Muslims and Christians are very religious, which is a matter between man and the Creator and should not negatively affect science, the economy, and the progress of the nation.

Finally, in order for Egypt to catch up with the global races that many countries preceded to us, it must update education, generalize it, and invest in it the maximum amount of budget, and that all minds work together how to reach what we hope and eliminate illiteracy in the shortest possible period and at the same time it must break the clash between religion And the state in favor of religion and the state. If we get there, political problems, the way the system of government, the problem of democracy and the weak economy will be much easier to solve.

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