Mohamed El-Baz calls for a reinvestigation into the circumstances of Gamal Hamdan’s death


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The journalist writer Mohamed El-Baz called for the reopening of the investigation into the circumstances of Gamal Hamdan’s death, during his speech to discuss the book “Hilal Jamal Hamdan” by the journalist Khaled Najeh, the editor-in-chief of Al-Hilal magazine, within the activities of the Cairo International Book Fair.

Al-Baz said, during his speech, that “the relatives of Jamal Hamdan say that there is a criminal suspicion of his death,” adding at the same time that he “represents the concept of the monk of thought, because of the quality of his scientific product, his daily lifestyle, his isolation from the world and rejecting all material temptations.”

In turn, the writer Youssef Al-Qaid said, during his speech, to the details surrounding the death of “Hamdan”, as there was a “mysterious family living on the top floor of his building, and he disappeared after his death, as well as the chef who used to prepare food” Hamdan “and disappeared in turn, which raised what Questions about whether a criminal incision was made in the death.

He called «Al-Qa’id» to collect the heritage of Gamal Hamdan, his articles, and what he published in the scientific periodicals, saying: “If he does not collect during this generation, he will never collect”, adding: “Jamal Hamdan did not own a personal library, as his apartment was small, and his work was accomplished through the use of public libraries. ».

And Al-Qa’eed added: “I got to know Jamal Hamdan in an unforgettable moment during the death of Gamal Abdel Nasser, and he was elegant, and I was amazed because he was not taken from death like us. He was a university professor who takes writing very seriously and sanctifies the work very much. ”

For his part, Khaled Najeh said that the idea of ​​editing the book “Hilal Jamal Hamdan” came to him after he announced Jamal Hamdan as a figure for the Cairo International Book Fair 2020, pointing to his journey in searching for Hamdan articles in Al-Hilal magazine.

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