Mohamed Hamaki angered Zina at his press conference in Morocco


Artist Mohamed Hamaki caused an embarrassing situation that angered artist Zina, who participates with him in the “Casa Art” festival in the Moroccan capital, Casablanca.

The Egyptian artist requested that no artist attend the press conference that he held during the conference’s activities, according to the magazine “My Lady”.

This strange request embarrassed the artist Zina, who was already attending the conference before the arrival of “Hamaki”, which sparked her anger and threatened to withdraw, had it not been for the intervention of the organizers and to calm them down.

The third edition of the “Casa Art” festival granted the artist Mohamed Hamaki the title of “Star of 2019 and Ambassador of Humanity”, in a huge celebration among a large group of art stars, a ceremony in which he presented a large group of his new and old songs.

And «Hamaki» thanked the festival and those responsible for it, announcing many art projects coming in 2020, including his new album, which began preparing for him, and in fact he finished the implementation of three songs from him, as well as work on his cinematic project, which began his work sessions with the director and author.

He also explained the difference in his experience in “The Voice Kids” program from “The Voice” in the way, the way and the style, explaining that adults can direct information to them that they accept immediately, but with children, the interaction is different because you talk to their feelings before their minds.

The Casa Art Festival brings together singing, culinary and fashion, as well as lyrical performances, presenting the most prominent Moroccan designs signed by well-known Moroccan designers, in the presence of personalities from the world of finance and business, media and tourism, whether from inside Morocco or from various Arab countries.


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